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Perth's very own Joel Hughan....

I hope everyone enjoyed the Mason Rose feature, this week sees us catch up with an up and comer that is showing real promise and potential and we are really excited to introduce Perth's next household name...... "Hi, my name is Joel Hughan, I'm 16 and from Perth, Western Australia. I’ve been bodyboarding for about 6 years now and have been hooked since that first wave. I actually got into bodyboarding by chance really, being near the beach my whole life, I remember seeing surfers and bodyboarders at Trigg Point and just seeing the riders do spins and some flips, it just made me want to get amongst this sport that was so appealing. My dad actually pushed me to go down to the beach and either

Drop Knee Legend Mason Rose

Mason Grew up in Port Macquarie, renowned for producing some of the best bodyboarders to have come out of Australia such as Michael "Eppo" Eppleston, Damien King and Todd DeGraaf. It was because of this talent that the competition between these guys was through the roof and the Port Macquarie Bodyboarding association (PMBA) boasts three world champions in Eppo, Kingy and Mason (Dropknee) Could Port Macquarie be Australia's bodyboarding capital? You decide........ In Mason's own words " I'm 38 and I grew up in Port Macquarie, I'm not there now however, I live in Hawaii, USA. I rode my first bodyboard when I was 6 years old, I used to watch close out barrels with my friends and was influenced

Aloha Claudia Ferrari

Staying on the theme of charismatic and influential female bodyboarders, we head back to Hawaii, a Mecca for raw bodyboarding talent and this week we catch up Claudia Ferrari, one of the most influential and not to mention one of the most featured female bodyboarders of all time. I feel very privileged to share Claudia's story, please kick back, open a cold one and enjoy...... "I'm not too old, not too young i'm just right haha. I grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil but I never really liked the big city lifestyle. I have been living in Hawaii for 29 years now and I Live on the North Shore of Oahu. I started bodyboarding around 1983, I was working in a surf shop back in Brazil and a friend had just

Paloma Freyggang  Ivulic

I trust you guys enjoyed last weeks Pat Caldwell feature and we look forward to seeing Pat back in the water very soon. This week we are in Chile to catch up with a woman who simply charges and goes big where most would simply sit in the pocket and take cover from the sun, introducing Paloma Freyggang Ivulic. " I ’m from Chile and I still live there now, I started Body boarding a long time ago, I think it was about 98” I always dreamt about Bodyboarding and I used to watch the local boys bodyboarding and I wanted to do the same as them. My father was my hero growing up, my local break was and still is Reñaca Beach, in Viña del Mar. My favourite breaks at home are La intendencia and La Punta





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