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Clara Pontes

Introducing one of the next generation female bodyboarders, hungry for some IBC comp time, look out 2022, honing her skills in Brazil's "Land of The Light" could this be her year.

" Hi my name is Clara da Silva Pontes, but all my friends call me Clara Pontes and

I’m currently 18 years old.

I’m from Brazil, in the northeast region and I still live here, in Ceará, in the Caucaia city, the same place where Isabela Souza lived.

I started body boarding when I was 13 years old but I had a health problem and I was only able to continue a few months later it only disrupted me for a while as now I have had to learn to live with a severe skin problem.

When I was a kid I had a neighbour who body boarded, then one day she took me to the beach and encouraged me into the water, she helped me catch waves and she even went on a wave with me.

I never forgot the feeling, it stayed with me and made me happy, so when I had the opportunity to practice this sport I grabbed it with both hands and didn't let go.

Who were you childhood heroes?

My mother and grandfather, they raised me and my brothers, it was a very difficult time in Brazil,

but if you want to know my inspirations in the sport it would be the Drag Crew, Jeff Hubbard, Mitchell Rawlins, Ryan Hardy, Eduardo Freitas, my friends and companions, also almost all the Australian riders actually hahahahahahahaha.

Where was your local break and what was it called?

My local break is Icaraí beach, it is in the city of Caucaia, Ceará but my favourite break in my country would have to be Tabuba beach, it is in Caucaia too on the other side of Icaraí.

What about your favourite break in the world?

Unfortunately I still haven't had the opportunity to visit any places outside Brazil, I really hope I will soon but for now I will be enjoying the waves at home.

What was your first board?

It was a Brazilian brand board called Zpoint.

Did you compete?

I competed the FBCE and CBRASB, but I want to try to go to some of the IBC world tour comps in 2022, this would be a dream come true.

I'm still a student, but I work with arts and a little bit of design and I intend to continue a possible professional career in sport.

Today I have some supporters that I would like to mention, as our journey together will probably be a long one, with the “Espaço Vida Ativa” gym, the Uclabrands store, the “Pilat.esfisio” space by Eliza, the “Amigos de São Miguel” and everything linked to Eduardo Freitas.

The bodyboard I'm currently riding is a pride, my wetsuit is by NYMPH by pride, my fins are by Churchill and my leash is by 5C.

My favourite board is the one I rock today, by Pride I think it's because it's narrow and thin, I think I've adapted to it better than any other board I have ridden previously.

My fins for sure will always be from Churchill, ever since I put them on, I haven't changed brands I absolutely love them, even though it's very difficult to find them in Brazil, I'll still use them forever.

My wetsuit is also very good, but as I only wear it when I go to competitions it looks great, I think I would just need long johns.

Do you try and buy Body boarding brand clothing? Who’s your favourite?

As here in Brazil everything is very inaccessible, even the equipment itself is difficult, there aren't many Bodyboarding brands here. The only one I have is the one I even draw the designs, which is Dudu's Have Fun Clothing.

What music gets you going pre surf?

Definitely songs from The Offspring, Editors, Rise Against, PWD and BMTH.

Finally What is your favourite bodyboarding memory so far?

Ahhh definitely when my first new board showed up.

Clara thank you so much for taking time out to come chat to us, we look forward to seeing you on some of the comps in 2022.....

Photo credits include:

Eduardo Freitas

Marcio Duarte

@jvskidkids (J.V)

Renato Pinguim

Leon kB

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