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Joana Schenker

Our next rider comes from an area that has some of the best surfing waves in Portugal, most say she is the Queen of Portuguese bodyboarding and is certainly up there in terms of the media exposure she attracts for Portuguese sport and bodyboarding in general. A complete professional who is idolised by many, a perfect role model and ambassador for Portugal. We are lucky enough to have her, as well as Ben Player joining us in the UK for a coaching weekend at The Wave in Bristol in April, just click on the first picture of her to book your spot. "Hi my name is Joana Schenker, I'm 32 and I´m from south Portugal, a little town called Sagres. I still live there today! I started bodyboarding in 200


We have waited over two years to catch up with our next rider, growing up watching vids like Tension had us wanting to charge as hard as them. Seeing the tiniest grom charging maxing waves inspired a whole generation. Now with his own Bodyboarding brand and clinics across Oz the most recent NSW coaching tour a huge success in Tuncurry with Forster Bodyboard club, leading the way with his brands fully supporting our beloved bodyboard industry. With his very frank exposé in Movement magazine and his recent sit down with Le Boogie podcasts Joshua B Kirkman, he kindly had a quick catch up with Lidlife....... Hey my name is Ryan Hardy, I,m now 40 and I was born in Margaret River, WA but currently

Juliana Freitas

Our next rider is from a landlocked city in West central Brazil. The regions earliest settlers came in search of Gold but as this was exploited cattle ranching became the dominant industry. The city name translates as "Great Field" and is home to the official headquarters of the Western Brazilian Army, the town has been stuck with the nickname of "Brown City" because of the colour of the soil. "Hi my name is Juliana Freitas
, I am 38 years
 old and I was born in Campo Grande MS, central Brazil. I grew up in São Vicente and Guarujá near São Paulo and lived around many cities in Brazil, like Porto Alegre, Xangri-lá, Florianópolis and Rio de Janeiro, now I live in Newport Beach, California. I s

Jared Visick

It's such sad news that the Wavehouse in our next riders home town has shut. I certainly had an epic time when I had a go all those years ago. There are so many epic breaks on offer and the strong club scene including the clinics currently being run with massive popularity. It continues to produce underground hardcore spongers capable of taking it to the next level, could that opportunity to fully expose the talent be when the APB rolls into town at some point this year....... "Hi my name is Jared Visick, I am 26 and I am from Durban, South Africa, I have been in and out of Durban since I left school, but I’ve been back solidly for about a year now. I have been bodyboarding since before I ca

Veronika Janeckova

Our next rider was born in a land locked country in the Eastern part of Central Europe. It is bordered by Poland to the north, Ukraine to the East, Hungary to the South, Austria to the South West and Cheque Republic to the Northwest. It is a land of mountains and castles and not typically the sort of place to produce a Bodyboarder 😎 but has produced these famous peoples either parents or grand parents, Angelona Jolie, Audrey Hepburn, Andy Warhol, Paul Newman, Jon Bon Jovi and Ivan Reitman. "Hi my name is Veronika Janeckova I am 33 and I was born and raised in Slovakia, a small country in central Europe. I left my home country when I was 19 and lived in London, UK for 10 years. I then moved





London, UK

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