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Andrew Bitleris

Heres a few few fun facts about the origin of our next rider..... In 1893 one of the world's most famous soft drinks was born here, Pepsi..... Because of the remote location which provided privacy, soft grounds and steady winds, the famous Wright Brothers finally achieved their dream in 1903 by building a heavier than air flying machine, "The Wright Flyer" Heres one.... More American Idol finalists are from this region than anywhere else in the states...... In 1914 Babe Ruth made history when he hit his first home run here. The coastline here was also a favourite haunt of the infamous pirate Blackbeard and the list goes on, but for the purposes of this piece please let me introduce you to ou

Lisah Gonzalez

Our next rider is from a city in Orange County, California. They reside on a stretch of prime surf coastline that is home to breaks like, The Wedge, Laguna beach, Salt Creek, Oceanside and T-Street. With riders like Jay Reale, Vicki Reale, Paul Roach and Manny Vargas, Brian Wise all residing on the West coast it is no wonder why there is still such a thriving Bodyboarding community. Throw into the mix the freshly established APB North America Tour with the recent huge success of the Bodyboarding US festival 2019, Ocean Beach, San Diego and plenty of grass routes clubs and comps, it is fantastic to see almost a revival of the sport from across the pond. " Hi LidLife my name is Lisah Gonzalez.

Anais Cisternas 2019 Woman's APB Rookie of the year !

Our next rider has had a fantastic 2019 finishing 5th overall on the 2019 APB woman's tour and being crowned the female APB rookie of the year.... Along the way creating history by being one of three Chileans to smash first place across three divisions at the Bellavista Bodyboard Pro, Punta Dos, Iqique, Chile following Alan Munoz for the Men's pro and Joaquin Soto in the Men's Pro juniors. From such a dominant part of the world in terms of bodyboarding prowess I'm hoping we will continue to see her rise in 2020..... "Hi my name is Anais Antonella Velis Cisternas, I am19 years old and I am from the commune of Quintero, in the fifth region of Valparaiso, Chile. I was born there and i've lived

Manuela Freyre

As we welcome in 2020 we must spare a thought to the tragic bushfires that are currently savaging Australia, these are the worst wildfires seen in decades and are being magnified by the heat and intense drought. There have been fires in every Australian state but NSW seems to have been hit hardest. Australia has just experienced it's driest spring on record and a heatwave in December broke the record for highest nationwide average temperature. Experts are claiming climate change has worsened the severity of natural disasters. Approximately 5 million hectares have burned so far wiping out nearly 500 million animals in the process. If you can, please click on the link below to donate to The Tr





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