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Anais Cisternas 2019 Woman's APB Rookie of the year !

Our next rider has had a fantastic 2019 finishing 5th overall on the 2019 APB woman's tour and being crowned the female APB rookie of the year....

Along the way creating history by being one of three Chileans to smash first place across three divisions at the Bellavista Bodyboard Pro, Punta Dos, Iqique, Chile following Alan Munoz for the Men's pro and Joaquin Soto in the Men's Pro juniors.

From such a dominant part of the world in terms of bodyboarding prowess I'm hoping we will continue to see her rise in 2020.....

"Hi my name is Anais Antonella Velis Cisternas, I am19 years old and I am from the commune of Quintero, in the fifth region of Valparaiso, Chile.

I was born there and i've lived in other places in Chile but I always come back....

I started to bodyboard when I was 12 years old, my father encouraged me to do it, all my childhood I lived linked to the sea and finding that sport that combined sea and physical activity, fascinated me.

I was always very athletic, since I was a child I practiced all kinds of sports and my parents always supported me in everything.

At that moment my father saw how much I loved to bodyboard and that I really had talent, he decided to start training me more seriously to introduce me to the competitions and it was amazing.

I discovered a world full of friends with the same passion, trips to places and amazing waves. So I fell in love with traveling to surf, one more reason to love bodyboarding

When I was growing up I definitely looked up to two Chilean girls, Macarena Casanova and Paloma Freyggang, women of character that I think are legends in the Chilean bodyboard community and of course Renato Arellano and Alan Muñoz.

My commune is called Quintero, we have many waves and different types, we have beach breaks, reef, rock tips and some very rocky, one of the best known beaches is Ritoque.

Chile is definitely full of great waves, in the south there are wonderful landscapes with hidden waves and in the north there are perfect waves and warm waters.

While in the downtown area we have beach breaks that when the correct swells arrive are very good. However, the most frequent wave is a small beach break with springs and a thermoelectric that shape a wave called a window.

In addition, low tides provide us with a pointbreack called the sprig of San Fuentes. So if you ask me what is the wave you like most in Chile, it is very difficult to decide and I could not do it.

At the moment I have known many waves in different parts of the world and many of them are excellent but still I prefer the Chilean coasts and for me Punta Dos in Iquique, la Cupula in Antofagasta and Curanipe are very special and I enjoy them a lot.

My first board was an wider green and grey template but I don't remember the model.

Initially I was always accompanied by a group of friends and we were the club Bahia Papagayo, which is currently Quintero legends, over time people started leaving, they did other things with their lives so at the moment I travel alone or with friends that I meet who share the same passion as me.

I like to compete, I love feeling the adrenaline and testing my abilities and limits, I currently compete on the Chilean women's bodyboard tour, the first national exclusive circuit for girls and the ABP world tour.

I am currently a nursing student and I divide my life into three great pillars, my professional career, bodyboarding then my boyfriend, family and friends. Thanks to the support of these three pillars, my sponsors GNL Quintero and the illustrious municipality of Quintero that pay for my trips. ARS proboard is responsible for giving me the most comfortable boards, leash and fins. Rider store gives me the best wetsuits available. Scientific body accompanies me to all workouts and in daily life with its nutritional supplements.

At home I prepare at the local vital sport gym with a professional team and my coach.

My skin care is provided by lemu sport, a local brand of pichilemu that manufactures exquisite sunscreen. The university supports me with flexibility to miss classes during competition periods and of course my boyfriend family and friends who give me all the emotional support and drive me to progress and be the best I can be.

I currently ride an NMD Wahines board, I am fascinated by its shape and also its colours, they look great with my Stoked G4 wetsuit, I use an NMD leash because they are very reliable and have a special colour line for girls, all my life I have used the Classic Churchill Makappu fins they are the only ones that don't harm my feet.

Stoked definitely has very comfortable and pretty clothes I usually wear them, however one of the things that fascinates me about being a girl is wearing bikinis and definitely the witch's daughter are my favourite.

There is no favourite music style for me, I like many types because it depends on my mood, however, red hot chilli peppers are classic.

My best memories are the good times with my friends, travelling, meeting people, experiencing other cultures, other waves.

About my life, I can say it is full of projects and illusions.

I dream to be world champion one day and for the moment I feel that I am on the right path, I have what is necessary and what is needed, I get it with effort and perseverance.

I work every day with my eyes fixed on the goals, without stopping.

I know that I will always have the support of my friends and family, the trips are new adventures that I enjoy planning myself, taking care of this allows me to manage my time in the best way, although I always ask my family for help and advice.

I also have in mind how good it feels to achieve new goals and I always enjoy the path that leads to them, experiences, good and bad times, life lessons are the most important things that allow you to grow as a person and in everything I love to do, especially bodyboarding"

Photo credits include:

Cristian Rudolfi

Guillermo Marchant

Helio Antonio

Pablo Jimenez

Paul Velis

Jose Ciffardi Almona

Anais, although it was way back in June that we watched you take out the win at Punta Dos it was fantastic, what would be more fantastic would be too see you fulfil your dream and lift the world title, we wait in anticipation.....😎🤙🏻👍🏻

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