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Nicholas Veldekis

For those of us out there that have had the privilege to surf Shark Island you will know how intense this wave can be, how shallow it is, the respect required and the commitment involved, even on the small days! Flicking through some of the pics of our next rider you can quickly see he has got the above nailed and has done so at a very young age, respect has to be given where respect is due so hats off..... The way he charges reminds me of the way the young Andre Botha charged, I'm predicting big things, please let me introduce you to Nicholas Veldekis..... "Hi I'm 14 and I live in Sydney on the east coast of Australia where the sick waves are. I always had a bodyboard since I was 5 years o

Megwyn Saunders

Our next rider is from a country on the northern coast of South America, bordered on the north by the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Columbia, Brazil on the south, Trinidad and Tobago to the north east and on the east by Guyana. It is ranked 7th in the world for most number of species, Christopher Columbus even named it "Paradise on Earth" Interesting fact they also hold the highest number of Miss World winners with 6 ahead of the UK and India close behind with 5. They have also produced 7 Miss Universe winners including Irene Sáez, who ran for the presidency in 1998. Anyway I could go on for ages however please let me introduce you to Megwyn Saunders....... " Hi I am 36 an

Craig Trilivas

The last time I was in Durban I arrived on a Saturday morning and went on a shark net clearing boat trip, what an idiot! Most of the sharks were trapped beach side and I didn't end up surfing until the Monday, I was freaked out for 3 days and I still remember seeing shark fins to this day. As I paddled out at North beach on my Manta Sabre I just couldn't shake the very real reality that I may be the target of an angry hungry shark...... The Saffa boys run with this daily and I guess for some it adds an extra edge, maybe in the same way you have to be on your game when you paddle out at a super shallow reef! Our next rider is no exception to this.... with some of the best waves on the planet

Isa Nunes

Our next rider comes from a region of Brazil that has it all, dense jungles, amazing beaches, great nightlife, outstanding wildlife, latin passion and ranks high on a list of the worlds most beautiful places. It is one of the smallest states in Brazil even though it is the size of Portugal and has an immense European influence which makes it a must do travel vacation. Please let me introduce you to Isa Nunes....... "I am 15 years old and I am from Brazil, I was born in the state of Santa Catarina but I am currently living in the state of Paraná in the city of Pontal do Paraná. I started surfing when I was 9 years old when I was very chubby, I wanted to start sport and I was walking on the be

Stephanie Pettersen

Our next feature can be credited with being part of a driving force taking Brazilian women's bodyboarding to the next level. Winning the first ever women's event held at Pipe, Hawaii in 1990, It was the first official World Championship of Women's Bodyboarding! She absolutely loved nothing more than charging huge waves and now calls Australia her home where she runs her sports training business which can be found by clicking the link on the picture below.... Please let me introduce you to Stephanie Pettersen "Hi I'm Stephanie Pettersen and I'm 48 years young, i’m from Brazil but now I live in Australia. I started bodyboarding in the middle of 1984 and I grew up as an ocean kid so the attra





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