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Isa Nunes

Our next rider comes from a region of Brazil that has it all, dense jungles, amazing beaches, great nightlife, outstanding wildlife, latin passion and ranks high on a list of the worlds most beautiful places.

It is one of the smallest states in Brazil even though it is the size of Portugal and has an immense European influence which makes it a must do travel vacation.

Please let me introduce you to Isa Nunes.......

"I am 15 years old and I am from Brazil, I was born in the state of Santa Catarina but I am currently living in the state of Paraná in the city of Pontal do Paraná.

I started surfing when I was 9 years old when I was very chubby, I wanted to start sport and I was walking on the beach with my mother and I saw the bodyboard school, I asked my mother to take me there to try and I instantly fell in love with the sport, it was like love at first sight.

I would have to say one of my heroes is “Aquaman” the king of Atlantis at the bottom of the sea, he controls everything that is made of water and is able to ask for help from any marine animal.

I really like him because I have always liked the water and the animals of the ocean.

My local break in Brazil is where I live in Matinhos on the Praia Brava however my favourite break in Brazil is Praia Mole in Florianopolis Santa Cartarina.

My favourite break in the world is a bit more difficult, there are so many waves, so many places and I haven’t travelled outside of Brazil yet!

I would love to travel and get to know all of the best waves in the world!

My first board had no markings, it was a very cheap board but as I got better I moved onto boards from Bodyboarding Brasil (b2br) the brand that sponsors me and in my opinion the best boards in the world.

I never really had a crew, I usually train alone or just with some friends.

I love competing I was Brazililian champion open 2017, 3 x Paranaense champion, 2x Champion Catarinense, 1 x Gaucho Champion, Champion Brazilian stage Ceara 18 and I have won various competitions of some local circuits.

I am an amateur bodyboarder and am lucky to have some sponsorship, Bodyboarding Brasil provides all my equipment board, leash etc…

Other important supporters include Classic Fins, B2brshop, Sorvetes adhonai, Sespor Paranagua, Academia ativa, Floral Biquinis and Camila Esmeraldino Nutricionistas.

I think any athlete that devotes themselves to a sport deserves patronage to be able to go in search of their dreams of competing.

I feel big brands could do more to help bodyboarders around the world but I thank everyone that has ever supported me,

my personal favourite brand is Bodyboarding Brasil.

I like music a lot, my favourite style is rap, pop and reggae, I have so many favourite songs.

My favourite memory would have to be when I became Brazilian Champion, I love what I do and I want to do this forever, bodyboarding is my life.

My dream is to be a pro in this sport one day, I am full of dreams and I give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has in some way helped me to fulfil them this far, I thank God for everything, focus strength and faith."

Photo credits include:

Swell Fotos

Kenia Maele Pontes

Isa, faith and determination will get you everywhere in life, you have a fantastic attitude and we look forward to watching your career develop and maybe seeing you compete on the APB tour soon….. good luck!

This is your last chance to grab a spot with current number 3 on the APB World Tour and Current World DK Champion Sammy Morretino on the last of this season's Stevie Maher All Bodyboard Charters Mentawais Islands, PM to snap up the last spot........

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