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Hawaii's Liam Antipala

Our next rider is from a very strong bodyboarding blood line, couple that with the fact his training ground is Hawaii, it will not be long before this young man's name is a household name like his dads was......

Brave but very humble, a deadly combo sure to help him rise from the pack, definitely one to watch for the future.

" Hi I am Liam Antipala and I am 13 years old, I am from the East side of Oahu Hawaii.

I started bodyboarding when I was around 5 and a half.

I got into bodyboarding because of my dad, I remember the first time I watched him was when he was competing at the Pipe Masters, that memory has stuck with me, such an inspiration.

My child hood heroes were and still are my dad (Harry Antipala) Dave and Jeff Hubboard, they do what no one else does, their style is super different and smooth.

Jeff does the biggest airs out of anyone and Dave does the craziest drop knee, stand up boog and his prone is great to.

My favourite local break is super close to my house it is a little sand bar perfect for practice, it is called flag poles, it breaks not for too long but just enough to fit a spin and a roll in or maybe an ARS.

My Favourite break in Hawaii is a little dry reef slab called Waiohai, I love it there, it is super fun to get barrelled there and maybe do some airs.

I haven't surfed enough around the world to know my favourite place, I've really only surfed in Hawaii but I hope to travel more in the future.

My first board was a Hubb light, a red one, it faded so much it became a salmon colour. I ran that board hard got my first waves on the thing, my first tubes.

My crew? Most of the time it was just me I’ve always kind of been like a solo surfer unless it’s with family.....

I have never competed on a tour but I have done the garden island boogie classic and the Hubb fest.

I like to ride Hubboards, they work perfectly for me all around, they are great boards and they definitely get my recommendation, I love to ride Hubb Personal favourite.

I wear a Buell wetsuit 2mm rb1 wetsuit. I love it, it's warm, stretchy and gets the job done!

I wear a coil gyroll leash, my favourite leash and I wear da fin right now, such a great fin.....

I am not sponsored currently, I don’t deserve any sponsorship until it is offered, I will work for it and hopefully it will come soon.

Some music that I really like pre surf is some old rad like Mf doom Joey Badass Capitalsteez

All those guys old style new rap, I think for pre surf music for anyone, play what makes you feel alive and want to move or makes you feel comfortable.

What’s my favourite memory of body boarding growing up?

I remember my dad pushing me into small ones at sandy beach and me getting caught inside and working through it.

I want to give a massive shout out to my Mom and Dad, without them none of this would be possible.....

I am a free rider and I love it, It gives me joy and happiness which are the goals in my life.

I like to push myself, know my boundaries but never accept them, push harder and get better every single day.

My name is Liam Antipala and this is my story:

Photo credits:

Harry Antipala

Mike Libudziewski


Daniel Shively

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