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Ben Gourichon

Our next rider is from a region in France that is known for it's oyster harvesting... It's 4 districts are named after the seasons even though it has a mild climate and plenty of sunshine throughout the year. It has also been referred to as a pearl of european tourism and is home to our next rider. "Hey LIDLIFE, what’s up? My name is Ben Gourichon. I’m 29 and I’m from Arcachon, it’s a beautiful little town next to the ocean in the SW of FRANCE we have the highest sand dunes of Europe with a couple good beaches around, we are an hour north of the world class beachbreaks of Hossegor. I actually started bodyboarding pretty late, I was 17. I did a bit of surfing before but not much, I was at the

Luz Grande

The country of birth of our next rider is home to a beach that consistently makes it into the top 10 beaches of the world. This country boasts to have produced the singer Ricky Martin and can lay claim to the fact that the song "Despacito" originated here. This country can also lay claim to being the original home of "Bacardi" and more importantly is home to some of the best bodyboarding talent and waves in the Caribbean. Please let me introduce our next feature......... "My name is Luz Marie Grande Pérez, I am 32 years old and I am from Puerto Rico and I’m still living in my beautiful country. I started when I was 13 years old on the shoulders of a friend who practiced the sport. I was shoc

Jake Goder

Our next rider has already achieved so much at such a young age and this doesn't surprise me having now read his story, the passion and commitment shown is inspiring. Coming from an area of South Africa which over the Easter weekend suffered extreme flooding caused by torrential rain, our thoughts go out to the friends and families affected by the collapsed buildings, mudslides and sinkholes that caused at least 70 deaths and saw beaches and the ocean severely affected by the subsequent pollution. The community has really pulled together with beach clean ups and in a world filled with negativity it is important the positivity is shared as community spirit will shine through....... Please le

Gianna Simonelli

I had the pleasure back in 2004 to head on over to California and hire a car and spend 8 weeks cruising the coast searching for waves, the vibrant scene and super active sea life were just two of the delights, the waves were something else..... Orange County was the main draw after watching every season of the OC and falling in love with the place, it was a no brainer. Our next rider is lucky enough to call Cali home and her local is T-Street in San Clemente at the most southerly end of Orange County, it got it's name from Trafalgar Canyon that runs from El Camino Real nearly all the way to the water. Please let me introduce you to Gianna Simonelli "I’m a 30 year old female bodyboarder from





London, UK

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