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Luz Grande

The country of birth of our next rider is home to a beach that consistently makes it into the top 10 beaches of the world.

This country boasts to have produced the singer Ricky Martin and can lay claim to the fact that the song "Despacito" originated here.

This country can also lay claim to being the original home of "Bacardi" and more importantly is home to some of the best bodyboarding talent and waves in the Caribbean.

Please let me introduce our next feature.........

"My name is Luz Marie Grande Pérez, I am 32 years old and I am from Puerto Rico and I’m still living in my beautiful country.

I started when I was 13 years old on the shoulders of a friend who practiced the sport. I was shocked to feel and hear the sound of the waves, the sea captured me for life.

I love nature and sports, I'm passionate about both things, in bodyboarding I found the perfect mixture of those two passions.

My Mom is my hero she is a true and a real warrior.

I try to always feel local on the beaches of Puerto Rico but “El Subi Baja” in La Perla is the spot where I feel more local.

My favourite break in Puerto Rico is “Margarat” (Arecibo).

My favourite break of the world is Pipeline and my first board was a Manta it was orange in colour and 39 inches.

My real crew is the love of the people from the community of La Perla (Old San Juan).

Yes, I'm still competing, actually i’m in the Top 8 of the APB women's ranking. My favourite moment happened in 2009 when I won Pipeline (APB).

That day I felt that I put my country in the best spot of surfing and at the same time my dream of winning Pipeline became true.

My Board, my flippers, leash and wetsuit are Hubboards. I love their brand and equipment, I want to give my thanks to Farmacias Caney, my family and my boyfriend for helping me to represent Puerto Rico.

What music gets you going pre surf?

Andrea Cruz, Dancehall, Reggae (Gomba Jahbari), Hip Hop; it depends on the day and the mood.

My favourite memory was when I saw a group of dolphins for the first time (Salt Creek - California). They were really close to me and I remember I felt like a little girl, I was extremely super happy.

Usually I start my day at the beach, depending on the waves, I can go one or two times. In the morning and in the afternoon.

When I’m in Puerto Rico I love to share time with my family and my boyfriend. I love the kids and I love being the best aunt for my nephew "Caribe ".

Sometimes I visit schools and communities for workshops and motivational talks.

I also try to be involved in projects related to nature and the environment.

I am very concerned about the global impact of humans, I recognise that the earth is suffering and that we need to make urgent changes.

This is why I try to be active and involved in projects and initiatives that promote social transformation.

I try to stay at home during winter because we have great waves in Puerto Rico. I travel during summer because I need to practice for the world tour. During the past years I travelled to Puerto Escondido, Indonesia and Chile. I stay in different places, but in Chile I stay with a fabulous family (Tía Gabriela, Tío Raul and my sisters Alice and Lisa).

The most beautiful thing of my career is being in contact with nature, staying connected to special people, knowing other cultures and living new experiences with the different realities that coexist around the world. Bodyboarding has been a path that has made me a better person and a better citizen of the world.

Photo credits include:

Ardiel Jimenez

Moncho Dapena

Roberto Díaz

Randy Shots

Luz thank you so much for catching up with us we loved hearing your story, you are super inspirational and a fantastic role model and ambassador for your country....

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