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Megwyn Saunders

Our next rider is from a country on the northern coast of South America, bordered on the north by the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Columbia, Brazil on the south, Trinidad and Tobago to the north east and on the east by Guyana. It is ranked 7th in the world for most number of species, Christopher Columbus even named it "Paradise on Earth"

Interesting fact they also hold the highest number of Miss World winners with 6 ahead of the UK and India close behind with 5.

They have also produced 7 Miss Universe winners including Irene Sáez, who ran for the presidency in 1998.

Anyway I could go on for ages however please let me introduce you to Megwyn Saunders.......

" Hi I am 36 and I’m from Venezuela however I moved to Costa Rica twelve years ago looking for better waves.

I started when I was 17 years old on an Island called Margarita in Venezuela.

My brother was a pro surfer at the time and he told my dad that it was a good idea to buy me a bodyboard and get me into sports, so my dad bought me this black TBC size 41” it was huge for me but the feeling was amazing.

My heroes growing up were Wonder Woman and my mum.

My local break was Playa Parguito, Venezuela and my favourite break in Venezuela is Playa Parguito and now that my home is Costa Rica I love Playa Hermosa or Santa Teresa.

My favourite break in the world would have to be Middle Beach in Puerto Rico and Playa Grande in Costa Rica.

At first I just went bodyboarding by my self because I didn’t want anybody to see me, but after I gained some confidence one of my good friends and the best bodyboarder at that time in Venezuela, Gustavo Veloz gave me a few tips and helped me a lot.

A few years ago I was competing on the World IBA tour, I finished in the 20th position in 2005, 5th in the latin American IBA ranking and 6th in the European Tour that same year.

I was 3 times Venezuelan Champion and 1st place of the national ranking in Costa Rica 2016. I am more a free bodyboarder now and I compete when I feel good and in the mood to, my last competition here was a few weeks ago and I finished second!

I don’t think of me as a pro bodyboarder because now I’m not training as I am used to or riding big waves!

Now I’m having fun and I have a bikini brand named Camelo Bikinis with a good friend and bodyboarder as well: Carolina Camero and we do Bodyboarding clinics for women here to teach our sport.

I’m sponsored by Herbalife 24 and this year they gave me the big news that I’m now an Sport Brand Ambassador as I share and improve a fit life on my social media.

I have more sponsors now that I that I’m a free bodyboarder and fitness trainer who competes on the national Costa Rica tour, a few stops. Less than my competitive years on the world tour where I had to pay everything with my own money and I had to make a lot of sacrifices at that time following my dreams.....

Here in Costa Rica it’s hard to find a good bodyboard especially in my size because I use 39” now I don’t have a favourite brand I use the bodyboard I find in my size in and when I find a new one I’m the happiest woman in the world!

A local store here “El Pana Surf Shop” is always helping me to buy them or find them at a better price.

Pre surf I like listening to EDM or regueton!

My favourite memory of body boarding growing up?

I think it has to be going surfing every morning with my brother and my dad (my dad didn’t surf but he went in to the water for hours swimming) and all the trips on the tour with close friends, that was one of the best times of my life!

My day to day is pretty busy, I try to find the time every day to go and catch some waves before work but when it doesn’t happen I go to the gym or for a run!

I have around 4 jobs, I have my own bikini brand, I work with brands as an Influencer and sport ambassador, I am also part time as a freelance graphic designer and I also host a surfing TV show here in Costa Rica called: Surfing Republica.

Since day one bodyboarding, I knew I had to work hard for my dreams, it’s not an easy sport, it’s not easy to make a living out of bodyboarding.

I went to college and had a Graphic designer degree and also I’m a Pilates and Functional Instructor, I have my own bikini brand (which we created with the idea of sponsoring us and to cover all of the tour without needing another brands support) but after that I went only to a few APB stops (Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Brasil) and I retired my self from the tour because it was so much money to make it, and that's my story x

Photo credits include:

Tom Dugan

Surfing Republica

Megwyn, I know you are super busy so thank you so much for taking the time to catch up with us to share what Bodyboarding means for you....

Guys go check out Camelo Bikinis ....🤙🏻😎❤️


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