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Joana Schenker

Our next rider comes from an area that has some of the best surfing waves in Portugal, most say she is the Queen of Portuguese bodyboarding and is certainly up there in terms of the media exposure she attracts for Portuguese sport and bodyboarding in general.

A complete professional who is idolised by many, a perfect role model and ambassador for Portugal.

We are lucky enough to have her, as well as Ben Player joining us in the UK for a coaching weekend at The Wave in Bristol in April, just click on the first picture of her to book your spot.

"Hi my name is Joana Schenker, I'm 32 and I´m from south Portugal, a little town called Sagres. I still live there today!

I started bodyboarding in 2001......

Bodyboarding has a long and strong history in the area I grew up in so my friends from school were already bodyboarding, one day I went to try it with them I got hooked right away.

Growing up my heroes were Neymara, Kira, karla Costa and Stephanie Petterson...

In would have to say my favourite beaches in Portugal were beaches in the Sagres area. In fact my favourite beach in the hole world is actually in Portugal....Zavial my best memories are from this beach.

My first board had a bright red deck with a yellow slick, it was a WR Dora Gomes promodel

We were so many bodyboarders back then, all of my friends were into it, but most importantly my two best girlfriends Neuza Mochacho and Janaina Sousa would be my everyday company catching waves.

I started competing one year after picking up the boogie in 2002 and have been competing ever since. Its been so far 3 x junior national titles, 6 x national open titles, 1x european junior title, 4 x european open titles and 1x APB world tour title in 2017

I´m very lucky to say yes I´m a full time professional bodyboarder right now. Sponsord by Ocenario de Lisboa, Oceano Azul Foundation, Municipio de Vila do Bispo, Cerveja Sagres, Eau Thermale Avène, VW Portugal, Reeflex, Science, and Surfplanet Sagres.

I wish there was more women´s boogie clothes brands out there!

My music choice depends a lot on what I´m hooked on at that moment, sometimes punk, sometimes hip hop and sometimes something completely different.

The best memories I have of growing up was spending all day at the beach with my friends, all we cared about was to have fun!

I don´t really have a routine, when home I´m always trying to find the best waves each day, but I also spend a big part of the year travelling for comps in Portugal, Europe and around the world. I arrange everything myself, it´s stressful but also a lot of fun."

Photo credits include:

Tristan Page

Francisco Pinheiro

Joao Bracourt

Mendo De Dornellas

Nuno Alves

Joana, thank you for catching up with us, we look forward to exploring your lovely home Sagres and sampling the waves you have on offer.

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