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We have waited over two years to catch up with our next rider, growing up watching vids like Tension had us wanting to charge as hard as them.

Seeing the tiniest grom charging maxing waves inspired a whole generation.

Now with his own Bodyboarding brand and clinics across Oz the most recent NSW coaching tour a huge success in Tuncurry with Forster Bodyboard club, leading the way with his brands fully supporting our beloved bodyboard industry.

With his very frank exposé in Movement magazine and his recent sit down with Le Boogie podcasts Joshua B Kirkman, he kindly had a quick catch up with Lidlife.......

Hey my name is Ryan Hardy, I,m now 40 and I was born in Margaret River, WA but currently i'm residing in Pottsville NSW.

I started bodyboarding when I was just 10 years old, my dad used to push me into the waves and my brothers and I did it together on the family Mach 7-7’s.

My childhood heroes were Mike Stewart, Tamega, Steve McKenzie, Wingnut and Ben Severson.

My local break is The box, Gas Bay and I guess my favourite break in my country is North Point.

My first board was a Mach 7-7....

My crew was my older brother Gene and his friends and amongst my crew were my twin brother Brett and local friends Chad McGregor, Geordie McColl and Jake Loof.

I have competed since I was 12 years old, I competed at a national level from age 15 and I competed at an international level since age 20 in 2000.

My highest ranking on IBA tour was 2nd in 2006 and 2009.

I still love competing in selected events at a national and international level.

I’m currently bodyboard coaching at Bali Bodyboarding and Ryan Hardy Bodyboarding School as well as operating Hardy Shapes bodyboards and Reeflex Wetsuits.

(Just click on the pics below to check out what Ryan has been up to, buy a board, buy a wetty or book a trip with Bali Bodyboarding)

I’d also like to shout out to Unite Clothing and Creatures of Leisure as my other supporting sponsors.

I’m quite open to any music before surfing but don’t rely on music to get me in the mood…once I see the water and hear the sound of the waves, I’m ON!

My favourite memory of growing up was my first rides on a half foamie and my dad pushing me in to powerful whitewashes feeling a speed and excitement I had never felt before!

Also surfing with my brothers and friends around the wild and beautiful coasts of Margaret River was pretty special.

I was a full time pro rider between the years of 2000 and 2014. For the most part I made my own travel arrangements but towards the latter years my wife became heavily involved in arranging my travel and finding the best bargains!

I travelled mostly to national and international competitions and also regularly travelled to do freesurf photo and video trips for magazines like Riptide, Movement and filming for video series like The Hardlyfe, Tension videos and sponsor’s podcasts.

Some of my favourite countries to travel to for waves and the vibes were Bali, Mexico, Tahiti, Hawaii, Chile, Canary Islands and of course all around Oz!!

Yewwwwwww - Ryan

Photo credits include:

Tom Forward


Kim Feast

Lawrence Amadeus Tierney

Ryan, Thanks so much for catching up hopefully next year we will come get some coaching off you in Bali.

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