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Drop Knee Legend Mason Rose

Mason Grew up in Port Macquarie, renowned for producing some of the best bodyboarders to have come out of Australia such as Michael "Eppo" Eppleston, Damien King and Todd DeGraaf.

It was because of this talent that the competition between these guys was through the roof and

the Port Macquarie Bodyboarding association (PMBA) boasts three world champions in Eppo, Kingy and Mason (Dropknee)

Could Port Macquarie be Australia's bodyboarding capital? You decide........

In Mason's own words

" I'm 38 and I grew up in Port Macquarie, I'm not there now however, I live in Hawaii, USA.

I rode my first bodyboard when I was 6 years old, I used to watch close out barrels with my friends and was influenced by the port riders.

My childhood heroes were Pat Caldwell, Mike Stewart, Ben Severson and Adam and Ash Murray Alva.

My local break was Light House beach in Port Macquarie, it is still my favourite break in Australia, in fact in the world and I will be buried there one day.

I didn't really have much of a crew when I was younger it was mainly me and when I competed it was for the fun.

My first board was a BZ, I haven't been sponsored for 6 years now but I ride a Mason Rose Pro Model, I don't need a wetsuit but I wear blunt cut flippers and a BSD leash.

I am now a self employed business owner.

I don't need a sponsor, I can buy my own boards, fly my own trips and if I'm broke I can make a few calls, my legacy is a paper trail of love for this sport.

I don't really buy bodyboard branded clothing just anything that is rad and not in my face much.

I love listening to African house music to get me pumped, I love bodyboarding, I've tried everything and I just love it cause it's in my DNA and I just feel at home when I'm on one.

I love riding the boogie and will do it until I die, I live on an island with my Ohana and we are creatives.

We want only to create with people we love, if that be art, music, food, events, film, photo, adventure, travel, that is what we are about.

To inspire people about life, about art and the reason we are here, to give back and be an advocate of life.

Photo credits include:

Tim Jones

Conan Whitehouse

Chris Stroh

Mason, Thank you for taking time out to catch up with us and share your story.....

We would like to give a big shout out to Gary Thatcher and Stevie Maher who took 1st and 2nd in the DK event at the Queensland state Titles at DBah Yewwwww....

Also any surf shops out there that want to get involved and support everything BodyBoarding please get in touch with Thrash Leash on

to become a supplier ...

Next week we catch up with Joel Hughan be sure to follow us on Facebook for all live updates.

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