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Paloma Freyggang  Ivulic

I trust you guys enjoyed last weeks Pat Caldwell feature and we look forward to seeing Pat back in the water very soon.

This week we are in Chile to catch up with a woman who simply charges and goes big where most would simply sit in the pocket and take cover from the sun, introducing Paloma Freyggang Ivulic.

" I ’m from Chile and I still live there now, I started Body boarding a long time ago, I think it was about 98”

I always dreamt about Bodyboarding and I used to watch the local boys bodyboarding and I wanted to do the same as them.

My father was my hero growing up, my local break was and still is Reñaca Beach, in Viña del Mar.

My favourite breaks at home are La intendencia and La Punta Uno in Iquique my favourite break anywhere thou has to be El Fronton, I mean that wave is incredible and such a great spectator venue for the Fronton King comp.

My first board was a wave rebel Brian Wise 42”

my crew was my brother and my friends from Reñaca and Iquique, I learnt so much from these guys.

I used to compete a lot but now only sometimes, I don’t know my ranking but last year I made two APB podiums one at the Itacoatiara Pro and one at the Fronton Pro.

I have a Bodyboard and Surf Brand called REVO COMPANY and also represent with my Husband “Found” for southamerica and we also have a surfshop in Reñaca.

My current Sponsors are REVO COMPANY, Revo Surf Store and Stoked Wetsuits.

I am currently riding a Revo Pro PX 38”, I wear a Stoked Wetsuit 5.4.3 mm and Revo Fins my leash is a Revo Biceps Comp.

The music I listen to Depends on the session… I like a lot of styles from reggae to hard rock.

My favourite memories growing up are of my trips with my dad and brother discovering new waves for us and seeing everything through groms eyes.

Revolution Surf Brand (Revo Company) was created by myself, my husband and my brother.

We started some years ago with just leashes and socks production.

Now we have a lot of Products like leashes, Bodyboards, covers and Fins.

You can visit our web page

and see all the new range.

We are now present in Chile, Canary Islands, Brazil and Argentina.

We have a very good Team of International Riders and we are growing up a lot with this brand, we represent the wild spirit of Bodyboarding and the good waves around the world.

I don’t consider myself a pro rider, because I don’t follow the tour but I love to travel, especially to my second home The Canary Islands which has some of the best waves in the world like El Fronton and El Quemao, where I have had some of the best sessions in my life, my aim is to continue for as long as I can and keep travelling and working hard......

I would like to to thank Lidlife for the interview, it's great to read stories of other riders and get to share your own story ! keep bbing forever.

Photo credits include:

Josema Gimenez

Sunay Filmaker

Emiliano Eye

Igor Sanchez

Carlos Padilla Guerra

Antonio HS

Cayetano Gonzalez

Paloma, thank you for taking part and for sharing your story good luck with the future and we look forward to tracking your progress both in the water and with your great brand REVO COMPANY.

Next week we head over to Hawaii to catch up with the very talented Claudia Ferrari and couldn't be more excited.

Just booked a little road trip to Portugal at the end of May with the new Mrs ( Happy Birthday by the way x) so if you have any suggestions of spots we need to check out email them in.

Last spots remain on the @steviemaher all bodyboard trip to the Mentawais July 9th to 20th so give Stevie a hola either through us or look him up on Facebook or Insta.

Then finally don't forget to check out the boys over @thepurtoexperience to sample the best Mexico has to offer and personalise a trip of a lifetime with guided tours, accommodation, beer and food.

Until next week yewwww......

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