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Perth's very own Joel Hughan....

I hope everyone enjoyed the Mason Rose feature, this week sees us catch up with an up and comer that is showing real promise and potential and we are really excited to introduce Perth's next household name......

"Hi, my name is Joel Hughan, I'm 16 and from Perth, Western Australia.

I’ve been bodyboarding for about 6 years now and have been hooked since that first wave.

I actually got into bodyboarding by chance really,

being near the beach my whole life, I remember seeing surfers and bodyboarders at Trigg Point and just seeing the riders do spins and some flips, it just made me want to get amongst this sport that was so appealing.

My dad actually pushed me to go down to the beach and either have a swim or push me onto some waves to ride but as I researched more of the sport I started to get more serious and focused more on my development.

My childhood hero and still is would have to be Ryan Hardy, he just has a flowing style and he's also a Western Australian lad so seeing him in waves that are close to home just makes you want to get out there and replicate what he is doing.

Another influence would have to be my mate Corey Rayner - some of the stuff he gets into is crazy and he really pushes us to get onto the bigger stuff and has pretty much pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and charge.

I’ve met my best friends through bodyboarding and I’m really grateful of that, my ‘crew’ you could say is me, Kai and Josh, Matt, Alex and Jye. We all push each other to get bigger waves and hit bigger sections so I think its a really good relationship.

My local break would have to be Trigg Point and Cleggies (Booger Box). Boogers is a very fickle wave. All the elements have to line up to get a really fun wave, but then it doesn't get over 3ft.

Trigg Point is Perth’s ‘premiere’ surf break, which in reality is a pretty good wave, but is spoiled by the amount of people on it. Out there you pretty much have to be a local to snag a good one but in the Freo Doctor (sea breeze) it gets pretty wedgy and everyone leaves.

My first board was a shitty Hydro Z-Board.

It was an EPS core and was a pretty basic board, but back then I was frothing it, my first proper board was a VS Ryan Hardy NRG - when I got that I was so pumped and just wanted to get out and surf something with it.

Favourite breaks… probably a tie between Boodjidup, The Box and Mandurah Wedge. Boodjidup is like heaven, a perfect beach break with the best scenery. The walk is a trek but its so worth it when you stumble upon perfect peaks.

The Box is the funnest wave but scares the shit out of me haha, just the paddle out is intimidating and when you see the wave breaking you just get so amped and wanna lock yourself into one.

Mandurah Wedge is…well just a playground really, ramps and heavy pits its just made for bodyboarding. So far I haven't surfed overseas but I would really like to go to Brazil and surf Itacoataria or the rock. Definitely one for the bucket list is Supersuck, its mesmerising.

Getting into comps was actually suggested by my mate Michael Sumner and the first comp I entered was the State Titles event in 2015 at Trigg, fair to say I got spanked in the first round.

That initial loss made me determined to come back the next year and redeem myself, last year was my best year in competing and was only my second year competing.

I got a close 2nd in the U18’s for the state and a 1st place at the Australian Titles last year.

Definitely doing states next year to try and get that State Champion and go over to Nationals.

Full time I’m a student but I have a part time job at a cafe called Yelo, love working there cause you can see the ocean, but its bad when the surfs good.

My sponsors are Funkshen Boards, Limited Edition Fins, Attica Wetsuits and Simple Bodyboard Co. With the board I’m riding currently being a Funkshen Nitro PP coupled with the blue and gold fins and the Attica spring suit.

Simple Bodyboard Co. is a clothing company that has just started out in Perth and have got some good quality merch.

The designs are pretty sick with their ‘Sid Tee’ being a comic from Riptide back in the day. Go check them out at

and support a new and upcoming business owned and run by bodyboarders.

Music wise, anything… from rap to metalcore. But before a heavy session, definitley some Parkway Drive and August Buns Red. Just gets you in the mood for a big ol' keg.

My favourite memory was definitely the first time I got barrelled, It was a day at Trigg and just the feeling, its an indescribable sense of euphoria and just made me want to get barrelled again and again, its like my crack.

Thank you LidLife for sharing my story and I will keep you updated on how it all works out"

Photo credits include:

Ryan "Hardballs" Hardy

Sivans Heyns

Matthew Hick

Kai de Legh

Carl Beveridge


Justin Majeks

Joel, good luck bro, keep charging and chasing those those dreams..... we look forward to following the successful future you have ahead.

Next week we are pretty excited to share Mitchell Blewitt's story, one of the most photographed non-competitive riders out there, riding for the love of freestyle......

Guys thanks for all the love and support, spread the word and come follow us on Insta and Facebook, LidLife Bodyboarding and if you have a feature ready to get over to us, get it sent, you know who you are .......

Until next week.....

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