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Aloha Claudia Ferrari

Staying on the theme of charismatic and influential female bodyboarders, we head back to Hawaii, a Mecca for raw bodyboarding talent and this week we catch up Claudia Ferrari, one of the most influential and not to mention one of the most featured female bodyboarders of all time.

I feel very privileged to share Claudia's story, please kick back, open a cold one and enjoy......

"I'm not too old, not too young i'm just right haha.

I grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil but I never really liked the big city lifestyle.

I have been living in Hawaii for 29 years now and

I Live on the North Shore of Oahu.

I started bodyboarding around 1983, I was working in a surf shop back in Brazil and a friend had just come back from a trip to Hawaii and brought a bodyboard into the shop and was trying to leave the board for sale at the shop, I took it, I think it was one of the first bodyboards in Brazil.

I used to go to the beach every weekend with surfer friends and just sun tan because I didn’t really like the idea of riding a surfboard.

My heroes growing up were Ayrton Senna and Pele.

The first time I went out on my bodyboard was at a beach called Pernambuco at Guaruja City, Brazil.

My first board was a Mach 6 by the way and I loved it.

My country is USA now, so I love Pipeline, Back Door, OTW and another couple of spots that I am not telling you :P

In the world I like anywhere where there are good barrels and not so many crowds

I have some pupils back in Guaruja’ and we used to support and cheer for each other in the surf to encourage one another back in the day. This pushed us all and enabled us to improve.

I used to compete and I had my share of good results.

Including 5 time Sao Paulo state champion, GOB/IBA world champion in 1995, 2007 pipeline pro champion, usa national champion to name just a few and now everyday on the North Shore I have to compete haha, nah, these days I only compete at good venues if they give me a wild card :P

One of my biggest goals is to raise the awareness and help with the improvement of women body boarding in America and around the world, I am very passionate about this, in 1997 I was awarded the most inspirational woman bodyboarder by the then Global organisation of Bodyboarders (GOB).

I was a pro bodyboarder for a long time, I still hold bodyboard clinics and Hawaiian surf/bodyboarding tours and now I am an online retailer, check out my store at

I sell Hawaiian gifts in case you guys need some hua dolls or nice Hawaiian theme bech towels let me know.

I was lucky enough to travel all over the world to places such as California, Tahiti, Indonesia, Australia, Europe and Mexico to name a few and my passion for travel lives on, I can't wait to explore South Africa and the Mentawais amongst others.

My sponsor right now is and God.

I ride a BSD board with a BSD leash and I love X-cell wetsuits.

I Still get the old Redleys flippers I really like them.

Believe it or not I love listening to Contemporary Christian music before a surf, they rock.

My favourite memories include My first trip to Hawaii it was pretty amazing as well as my world title and my Pipeline title.

I am just a wave, bodyboarder, nature lover and I have so much to thank for this path my life took. I will always bodyboard until my last days.

Bodyboarding makes me happy and healthy, Aloha and Mahalo for your support.

Photo credits include:


Danny Black Photography


Claudia thanks for sharing your story and for inspiring so many and for continuing to raise awareness for the sport so many of us love.

It would be sick maybe if you would consider coming on one of the @steviemaher all bodyboard charters to the Mentawais, there is still a spot for this years July trip available ;p

Next week we stay in Hawaii but catch up with Port MacQuarie's DK ambassador Mason Rose.

Until then enjoy your week and feel free to send over any stories and photos you want shared.......

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