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Marcela Paz Cataldo

Our next rider is from the capital of the Coquimbo region on Chile's Coast, known for it's long beaches, like El Faro with it's landmark Faro Monumental lighthouse. The late renaissance Iglesia de San Francisco is one of the many churches dominating the skyline and it is the second oldest cities in Chile.

"Hi I am Marcela Paz Cataldo Larraguibel, I am 37 years old and I am from La Serena, the 4th region, CHILE and I still live here.

I started bodyboarding at the age of 25 at the same time I started with a spiritual search in my life, I learned yoga, then to meditate, until I met bodyboarding which was the door to this path that I longed for so much.

I got into BODYBOARDING because ever since I was little I was linked to the sea, my parents always took me to places where we could appreciate the immensity of the ocean, so the connection with it was always present.

Bodyboarding showed me the peace, love, and gratitude that I needed to experience, in addition to pushing my limits always further, challenging my fears, always seeking radicalism.

I found it a super complete sport, for every part of our body, the manoeuvres, projections and the particular style, aerial, radical and with a lot of control with your body and mind, two friends were the ones who influenced me in this, both bodyboarders at heart, they showed me there were videos and the equipment that was needed (Julian and Cody)

My heroes have always been Ryan Hardy, Mike Stewart, Jeff Hubbard Ben player and Neymara Carvallo, my inspiring muse was EUNATE AGUIRRE, who inspired me and implanted my love for BB.

My Local wave is LAS CABAÑAS, it is to the south of La Serena in a little town called TOTORALILLO. My Favourite wave in my country undoubtedly ARICA el Flopos , (1st region of Chile)

My favourite wave in the world is PIPELINE, although I have never surfed it, I love it just by seeing it, MY DREAM WOULD BE TO KNOW IT.

My first board was a 4PLAY, 39 'The truth is that when I started practicing Bodyboarding in Chile there were only 5 women who did it, distributed in other regions (localities) which I was always accompanied in my beginnings by men, who did not pass me to look to go to the water.

I started competing in 2008, I had been practicing bodyboarding for two years and I think it was the first national competition that was held in Chile. From that moment on I love the competition and never stoped competing, participate in regional, national and international competitions.

At the regional level I was a champion 3 years in a row, being recognised as an outstanding athlete in the region 5 years in a row, I was vice-national champion in 2016, I won several national championships and I was ranked number 17 of the world in the year 2018 of the APB ranking, competing only on one annual date.

I am a Professional Graphic Designer, Visual Artist and my current job is the art of painting related shapes and figures, you swim with sacred geometry, natural patterns among other things. I am also a mother of a 2 year old LEON BADILLA CATALDO.

Currently I do not have a sponsor, but at the time I was sponsored by several regional and national stores, as well as other brands that supported me. My board is JEFF HUBBARD 41 'MODEL, I USE A BILLABONG SUIT, MY LEASH IS HUBBOARDS AND MY CLOTHING IS DIFFERENT, I wear very comfortable clothes, almost always sneakers and appropriate clothing for each season. I am not currently with a sponsor, I think the world is going through a terrible COVID-19 health pandemic, and the priorities they changed.

Anyway I am in constant physical and mental training to be able to compete or be a freerider. I have discipline, passion and a lot of love for what I do. I love HUBBOARDS boards, they are very fast, flexible and respond very well to the conditions of the sea.

When I buy clothes I try to make them comfortable, warm and durable, I don't really but body board clothes, I have a new style.

I don't have any particular music style it depends on my mood, for motivation thou I always try and listen to rock, pop, electro or reggae nation hahaha.

I have many favourite memories doing bodyboarding, I think the ones that have marked me the most have been the APB TOUR competitions, I participated in ARICA (FLOPOS), ANTOFAGASTA (CUPULA), THOSE MOMENTS THEY HAVE BEEN UNFORGETTABLE, WITH A LOT OF PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GROWTH I do consider myself a PRO RIDER, due to my results as an athlete and because of the level I have,

I am constantly travelling around Chile for national competitions, also to places close to where I live since I also know there are good waves to both ends of my country. My first day of all is being a mother, a woman and a bodyboard, I try to go to the sea whenever I can, complementing my training with the gym and stretching at home. I belong to a women's sports club called CONAY Hermanas del agua, we are a group of girls who practice boards, supporting each other every day to go surfing, organize activities for the environment or any emergency that each one lives.

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