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JP DK shredder

Our next rider is from an archipelago of nine inhabited islands, one of which is a butterfly shape.

It is also known as "Islands of Beautiful Waters" and is widely regarded as having some of the best dive sites in the world.

Christopher Columbus discovered the islands in 1493 and named them after a Spanish monastery, but the carib Indians who lived there resisted Spanish attempts to settle the islands. French colonists arrived in the 17th century and it became a French colony in 1635.

The islands have white beaches and a fully flourishing rain forest as well as the highest waterfall in the caribbean.

"Hi my name is Parole Armand Jean-Pierre, Aka Jp.

I am 40 and I was born and raised in Guadeloupe in the West Indies Caribbeans, now I live in

the south west of France near to Hossegor.

I started body boarding when I was 18, I tried many sports before I started body boarding.

The reason why I started was firstly the fact that my mom’s house was very

close to the ocean. My friends are also the reason I started the sport, my old friends Xavier

Canesson, Michael Vaillant and Pierre Georges pushed me when I was a beginner.

When I started getting better at bodyboarding, I spent a lot of time with Xavier Canesson,

Pierre Georges, Ludovic Marboeuf, Mikael Vaillant and a few more. All we did was look

for good waves and have fun.

My local break is "Moule beach" close to my mom’s house and I’m really lucky because

it’s one of the best spots on my island!

I did the Guadeloupe championship contest when I was an amateur and I was ranked 2 nd and

3 rd in prone for 3 years. After, I moved with the Guadeloupe Team to France to participate in

the France championship in 2003 and compete against the best bodyboarders of France.

This was a great experience because it was the first time for me that I took a plane and went

surfing in cold-water hahaha.

I am a sponsored rider for Science Bodyboards, Da Fins, OGM Bodyboard shop and Gyroll


My board is a Science bodyboard DKS 42.25, my Kiks are dafins blue Rasta and I use a Gyroll

leash. In my everyday life, I like to wear confortable clothes that are appropriate for each

season. I don’t usually buy bodyboarding clothing, but I try to wear as much as possible from my

current sponsors gears.

I usually listen to reggae music and dance music and other songs from my island to get

motivated when am going in the water.

My first trip out of the country was in Indonesia in 2003. It was my first trip so far away from

my island. I experienced the tradition of Bali and it was the best trip that I made and I will

never forget it. I met very good people and surfed good waves.

I’m currently a surf instructor I really like my job. I love to spend time in the Ocean and

sharing the Mana with people all around the world. I’m also certified to teach surf to people

with a handicap, I really want to help and share my passion as much as is possible.

Body boarding has helped me to learn to never give up and work hard for your goals in the sport

and outside the sport.

Now, I just love going big in DK and as soon as the contests are getting back I will try to be on

the IBC Tour in DK in 2021.

I would like to thank my sponsors and my family for having supported me since I started

body boarding. Now my project is to open a bodyboard school in Guadeloupe to continue

to share my passion with my friends and local people from my island.

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