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Ivon Aida Condori

I hope everyone had as good a Christmas break as possible, I know in the UK it Was very difficult with us going into our third lockdown and many not being able to see their loved ones over the festive period.

Now more than ever we have to stick together and look out for each other.

Who knows what 2021 has in store, it's not going to be easy but if we focus on the positive and let all the hatred and negativity in the world go we have every chance of coming out the other side more knowledgeable and ready for the next challenge that we will need to face.

I hope you enjoyed the blogs of 2020, please kick back and we will slowly filter through some more stories that we hope will be both inspirational but also inspirational for anyone who is just waiting for that break, dare to dream, is 2021 your year ❤️.

"I am Ivon Aida Condori, I am 18 years old and I'm from Peru-Lima south Punta Hermosa.

I started bodyboarding 2 years ago, it all started with wanting to know what it feels like, I was very curious, when I went to the beach to spend the summer I saw many boys with their boards running to the ocean, I always wanted to learn everything so I started by myself, by myself it gave me the will to improve and improve every day.

The local beach that I like the most is the Island in Punta Hermosa, it has super good and powerful waves when the swell is big, it is so beautiful! Another beach that is in Peru, one that I like and have the opportunity to go to is La playa "El Castigo" Ilo -Moquegua

It has a base of rocks and that makes it have super cool waves, I have not had the opportunity to leave Peru and go to other countries to try new beaches just yet, we would all love to go travelling around the world But if I given the opportunity I would like to travel and go to Mexico or Brazil first, I've seen many very good beaches in those countries, I would die for those trips to take place hahaha

My first bodyboard was a purple with black 5CBOARD, it helped me a lot when I was just starting out. I have competed in the nationals of my country, seedbeds, local, municipal and bi national championships.

I do not have sponsors or sponsorships, I think anyone would like to have that opportunity, what a lovely position to be in, I would feel more excited to know that there are people and brands that bet and believe in me, it would just add to the motivation. Now I ride a VS bodyboard, my wetsuit is BILLABONG, the fins are EVO and my leash is a 5CBOARD. My favourite brand in wetsuit however is BOZ, they are made of good material and they are super comfortable.

When I run I like music that amps me, usually something underground, I like that the most it really gets me going. When I started bodyboarding it wasn't easy for me, I didn't have my own things either, I had to borrow them every time I went to the beach, but little by little I had my own things, my board and fins.

My parents have supported me in whatever way they could, and that makes me happy! Not so happy the times that I came home with my legs and arms scraped by the rocks thou hahaha..... Or the time I stepped badly with my fins and fell on the rocks, I dislocated my shoulder and then I was unable to surf for a month, which made me sick, I counted every day for this to be over so I could return to the sea, feeling the salt water is very cool.

I'm love to run home from surfs, I feel a magnificent connection !! I love to Bodyboard! I love the sea ! It has helped me to find myself.

Thanks to this sport I have made good friends and I learned to take care of the environment, marine life. Every time you go to the beach do not forget to pick up every bit of garbage that is not yours.

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