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Bego Fouz

Our next rider is an underground rider from the port that the famous Spanish Armada set sail in 1588 when they made a failed attempt to invade England.

The city may also be known as "The Crystal City" and all the ladies favourite Julio Iglesias is famed to have roots here.

It is one of the key ports for the region and the countries second largest fishing centres and it is also home to Bego Fouz.

"Hello my name is Bego Fouz and I am 38 years old, I am from A Coruña, a small town located in Galicia in northern Spain and I've always lived here.

I started in this sport when I was 21, when a friend of my brother's gave me his old board, a Bz Ben Severson, size 42." a whole boat for me.

I remember it was September and the good tides and the cold started, they lent me a short neoprene suit with which I used until November of that year, the time it took me to save for a 4/3 boy's wetsuit, in my city at that time girl's wetsuits took a couple of years to arrive.

In my childhood I was the typical girl, I came to the beach a lot and I was always in the water until we went... I loved the sea (I still love it) and I spent the afternoon playing with the waves, bodysurfing, possibly I didn't know that what I did was called bodysurfing, I just played with the waves.

At that time ((there was already internet)) I registered on a page called zonabodyboard, there I met people from my city and surroundings and gradually learned more about this sport.

My influences were Ben Player, Dave Winchester, Mike Stewart, with them I had the pleasure of sharing a wave, watching them live, so close to the ocean is pure spectacle, but my favourite bodyboarder is Pierre Louis Costes I love his style, it is pure magic. On the women's scene Marina Taylor and Eunate Aguirre were my favourites.

My favourite break in my country are Valcobo, Faro de Lariño and Nude Beach in Barrañan, as long as the conditions are right.

My favourite break in the world is The Wedge, California, Pipeline and Cloud 9 in the Philippines.

My friend Bea is one of my bodyboard props, for many years we were the two regular girls alone in the water. Today, even living in different cities, we still meet several times a year to have a surf..

We met in a surf forum and although we both did bodyboarding also we are both working in the ER of different cities, crazy similarities......

I never competed, but one year Bea and I were federated, but since we were only two women, no competition was held.

What I really like is sliding into waves with good lines.

When I'm in the water all the problems go away, I've made big decisions about my personal and work life just sitting on the board, it's the place where I'm most relaxed.

Currently because of the situation we are living for the Covid, I do not go as much as I would like and surely my mental health would thank me very much, if I could go more often.

Because of my shift work I often surf have sessions with very few people out, because almost everyone is working, I have also missed large swells because I am working, but they are almost always exaggerated tales of people, or that's what I think when they send me photos.

I currently use deeply Brand wetsuits in both 4/3 and 3/2.

Right now I'm using two boards, a deeply dp3 size 39" and a Vs Mitch Rawlins pp size 40"

My fins are MS Viper and Some Dafin.

Respect for my leash I always use Gyroll.

Currently a brand that I'm really liking is Found and Thrash, they have a very 90's style and I like that.

Photo credits include:

Angel Fouz

Jose Fouz



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