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Tiffanie Cobb AKA gypseamoon

Our next rider comes from an island that is home to a technological marvel in the form of the most sensitive radio telescope in the world, the dish measures 1000 feet in diameter and spans 20 acres.

If you are a fan of James Bond and have seen Goldeneye the climatic last scene where Bond takes down the baddy was filmed here.

Christopher Columbus discovered the island and claimed it for Spain and at least 70% of the rum sold in the US comes from here.

"Hi my name isTiffanie Cobb I am 28 and I am originally from Puerto Rico.

I don’t live there at the moment, but I do visit as often as I can. I live travelling in between Asia, Europe, California, PR, and wherever life takes me, however given the current situation this has become very hard.

As a child I would always spend most of my days at the beach with my family. My dad, who is a former bodyboarder, would take me out to the white wash and helped me get wiped out. I always stayed with the desire to properly learn how to surf or bodyboard.

During my second year of college a friend motivated me to come out with her in memory of her dad, to his favourite beach which was very secluded, called La Selva on the east of the island (PR).

I bought the cheapest pair of fins I could find and took a bodyboard handed down to my little brother by one of my parents friends.

It was very old and way too big for me but I still paddled out no fear and did my best from what I could remember from my younger days, but really not having any clue about what I was doing.

That same day I lost a fin, ironically, on the shore, I found another fin which turned out to be a very old classic fin, a Redley and it was a small one so a perfect fit.

I went back out and tried again with uneven fins, I fell in love right away, I was in my element.

Soon after, I met more people in the water that helped me find a proper bodyboard for my short size ( I am only 4’11 & 1/2 haha) nicer fins etc, they helped me with the basics on how to have a proper position on the board, how to grab it to go to either side, etc. Everyone saw that I had no clue what was I doing, but I think they all saw one thing: I was fearless and very willing to learn.

They kept inviting me to go with them and obviously that meant that I could have some people watch over me just in case something happened, it also meant that I would learn faster and that I would get to know way more spots than just trying to explore by myself.

Two or three years after, I had a boyfriend who went to bodyboard in Bali, I went there to visit and noticed how much more learning needed to be done.

I realised that I had to go out everyday and practice to be able to really surf anywhere. It was an important moment for me because not being able to surf Uluwatu, gave me the drive to go back home get better at it and eventually go back and surf everywhere.

I did, I went back home, right at the beginning of the season which is the opposite to Bali. I went out at least 3 times a week, if I could, I would go out everyday.

A few months after that, I decided to move to the west side of the island, where the surf towns are. Over there I would be teaching yoga and surfing almost everyday.

Becoming a yoga teacher helped me understand the potential of having control of mind, body and soul, which helped my bodyboarding skills become way better and at least paddle out when we had bigger swells. I began getting small and local sponsorships, tennis shoes, fins, leashes, apparel, etc.

One day there was a bigger swell and one of our most dangerous waves called Survivor was firing. It is a left that starts from a sharp rock and ends in a massive barrel right in front of many others very sharp rocks. It is a wave that I had known to be very dangerous, I had a friend that had a very bad accident there. Being aware of this, I went there early in the morning, alone, sat down to observe and analyze the whole thing. Did a small meditation and yoga session, when I felt ready, I paddled out.

I only took one small wave there, but I did it, I surfed Survivor and survived. Haha! When I came out of the water, I got asked by a stranger if I was sponsored, I said no.

He responded with “I have the Sniper Bodyboards brand here on the island and we would like to sponsor you.” Can you imagine my excitement? Since then (almost 4 years now) I have had a local Sniper Bodyboards sponsorship.

Thanks to SniperPR I have all the right equipment to surf wherever I am at in the world. After four years since I first visited Bali, I went back and spent 6 months surfing all over the island and some of the nearby islands like Sumbawa and Lombok by myself. Another one of my pending check marks got ticked off for the record. There is still so much more to learn and achieve and many more places to explore.

I realised that it was my choice to decide to create the life I always dreamed about having. Once I understood that I was not just dreaming, that being able to travel and surf everywhere is a matter of how much you really want to do it, everything fell into place.

I had many local breaks some of them are Aviones, Shore Island, El Mix, Wilderness, Table Top, Secret Spot, Margara, Hallows, etc etc. It all depended on where I was living at that moment and where was it firing better.

My favourite break I would have to say is a left at a shore break called Sal is Puedes (get out if you can).

I only did a few small, local competitions. I always noticed that at least on these sort of small competition girls get put out to compete in the worst conditions and that I would enjoy way more just to ride for fun.

Bodyboarding is a great way of meditation and stress relief for me, to keep in touch with myself and nature, competing makes me stressed.

I am a yoga instructor and energy healer or as I like to call myself, energy alchemist. I have my own company called SeaMoons Alchemy where we focus on creating holistic retreats and workshops of different modalities, but we also have different short personalised programs to work with our clients.

You can check this out by clicking on my picture below.....

At SeaMoons Alchemy we make it our mission to help and assess others cultivate and build awareness of their mind-body-spirit, through the connection with nature.

We are devoted to share the gift of yoga and holistic living with love and care while guiding others through the path to unity.

I have been sponsored for 4 years now by Sniper PR, they not only have given me the opportunity to be a free-rider while still providing me all the equipment needed to bodyboard (except bathing suits and wetsuits, if there is any brand for someone they can sponsor, I am your girl, feel free to contact haha!), but also I get to train with Amaury Lavernhe in any of his bodyboarding school programs (Amaury Academy/Moz Academy).

At the moment I ride a 36” board and normally use either Dafin or the Ers4 and an Excel wet suit.

Music wise I like anything with a good vibe, it can go from classic reggae, salsa, throwbacks, experimental all the way to Crussen, it all depends on my mood.

My favourite memory was having my father trying to teach me how to drop knee.

I have a blog on my page where you can read a little bit more information about me:

Again just click on my pic below to be taken to my journey......

You can say that travelling is one of my passions, at the moment due to restrictions this is really difficult, I don’t have a home base. I hope things return to normal soon and that everyone is remaining safe.

Photo credits include:

Thiago Okazuka

Jony Pérez

Rafael Rosado

David Hernández Belaval

Kenneth Jimenez


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