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Goujon Mathie

Our next rider comes from a town just 30 miles from Bordeaux, made up of small oyster farming ports, sandy beaches and pine forests.

It is home to the highest dune in Europe at a staggering 109 metres high, 2700 meters long, 500 metres wide and 60 million cubic metres of sand.

France is also home to some of the most perfect beach breaks known to man and two brands that continue to get behind our beloved sport, Sen No Sen and Milk Bodyboards.

"My name is Goujon Mathie and I will be 17 in december 2020.

I was born in Agen but I live in Basssin d'Arcachon, in south west France and I have done since I was born.

I started surfing in the summer of 2014 with my current surf school called Ocean Roots, however I picked up a bodyboard in 2017 and stopped surfing in 2018.

I started to bodyboard because I found it more fun, I have more sensations and waves at my local spot ( La Salie ) are more suited to Bodyboarding.

My coach and the other riders were more into Bodyboarding than surfing so that was my first motivation.

I don't really have any childhood heroes.

My local spot is called La Salie, it's on the south west coast of France on the Atlantic coast, just outside Bassin d'Arcachon were I live.

My favourite spot in France is also La Salie, it's where I am training so I spend a great deal of time there.

I haven't surfed a lot of spots in the world but with my surf club, Ocean Roots we do winter training in Morocco around Taghazout, so I enjoy Killer and la source surfspots.

The first bodyboard I used was a Pride however my first board was a milk bodyboard.

I have just got a brand new custom milk board and if you want one just click on the pic below to get in touch with the team and get yours ordered.

I train a lot with my club and we are competing against each other all the time

I started competing in 2017 then in 2019 I came first in the French championship 'espoir' and second in the open category.

I also came second on the European tour ( ISA Espoir) in Portugal in 2018.

I go to high school 20 min away from La Salie my local spot.

I use different wetsuits but mainly RiP Curl and Sen No Sen.

I am not a pro but I have few sponsors Sen No Sen ( French brand) , Milk (local shaper from my place) an SATAR ( transport company also partner with the Federation Française de Surf ) I also love my Thrash International Pink Bicep Leash.

So far I have tried two brands of boards Milk and Pride, I don't have a favourite, it depends on the waves

I don't really listen to music before surfing if I do, it's always different.

My best memory in competition is when I won the french championship ( espoir), it was my first big win in a major competition ! In Free surf it's during summer in La Salie , my spot !

I am still in high school but this year I hope to start competition on the international circuit so I can have an idea of the level.

I don't really think of doing it as a full time job, I am still young and I don't really think about it but I want to do as many competitions as I can in the years to come

Photo credits include:

Florian alzay

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