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Leah Menzies

Our next rider comes from one of my all time favourite places in Australia.

It is home to quite possibly the heaviest wave on the planet, home to one of the oldest most passionate bodyboard shops, Emerald and maybe now one of the youngest female chargers......Leah Menzies.

This young boogie chick has a bright future ahead of her and definitely one to keep your eye on, exciting times lay ahead.....

" I am 13 years old and I live in Cronulla just south of Sydney.

I started body boarding when I was about six or seven I think.

My dad would always ask if we ( my sister and I ) wanted to go bodyboarding and I would usually say no but one day i just decided to go and try it out and since then, I've been going every weekend.

I didn't really have a child hood hero.....

My local breaks would be the Alley and the Point.

I really love body boarding at Wonoona, my favourite break in the world would be the Point at the moment.

My first board was one of those cheap Manta boards,

I generally body boarded with my dad and my sister but she stopped a few years ago.

I came 3rd in the NSW state titles in 2019 and at club level, I've competed with the Cronulla Bodboard Club as well as Maroubra.

I'm still in year 8 so don't have a job and i'm not a pro, I am sponsored by Gone bodyboarding and DMC fins.

I love my DMC fins and I wear Gone Bodyboarding clothing,

I would like to be sponsored by Science and Buzzz corporation Japan so that's my next goal.

At the moment i'm using a 38" fruits bat-tail bodyboard (from Japan), Reeflex Ladies wetsuits, DMC Fins and a pod leash.

I really like the Gone Bodyboarding merch designs on the t-shirts and hoodies.

I really love listening to my chemical romance and slipknot before and after going bodyboarding.

My favourite childhood memory was when I was about 8, I surfed at Silver beach in Kurnell, by myself without my dad for the first time ever and I just really enjoined it, it was such a happy moment....

As i'm still at school I don't have a job or anything like that, I'm a third generation bodyboarder and my grampa is a surf photographer.

He wakes up just before sunrise and takes beautiful pictures of the ocean, he also does the swellnet surf report for Cronulla.

My dad is an amateur bodyborder here in Australia but he was a pro in japan.

I dont really know what I want to be when i'm older but I do know that I want to be around the ocean.

As a family we've travelled up to the Gold Coast - Queensland, also down near Bells Beach Victoria as well as the Melbourne flowrider.

We've been bodyboarding in Bali and Japan, In the future I'd like to travel to America"

Photo credits:

Matt Menzies

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