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Ebony Schell

This interview takes us to Western Australia, it covers a third of the continent, the state is almost the size of the whole of western Europe and spans more than 2.5 million km2.

WA is home to approximately 2.5 million people most of whom live in Perth.

Perth was named after by Captain James Stirling in 1829 after Perth, Scotland and has a reputation for being one of the most liveable cities in the world.

If you are after sun Perth is your place and has been home to Hollywood actors such as Isla Fisher, Sam Worthington and the late Heath Ledger.

Let me introduce our next rider.....

"Hi, my name is Ebony Rose Schell, I’m living in Mindarie, Western Australia.

Mindarie is on the northern outskirts of Perth, WA’s capital.

Bodyboarding for me in the early years started out as getting scooted across the sand as my dad pulled a bodyboard across the shoreline and jumping into shoreline froth with my mum and brother.

It was then I knew I loved the ocean, as I grew and finally got my own board it progressed into following my dad and my brother out into the surf on a regular basis. I always wondered what drove my dad and these other crazy nutters out in the middle of winter to spend their time in the freezing onshore ocean, returning with reef cuts and blue fingers & cramping toes.

I soon realised why… after my first barrel.

The sport is such a great opportunity for people to keep physically and mentally healthy. It teaches you many life skills and is a great way for me to avoid doing the dishes and too much homework....

local surf spot Claytons, 2020

Growing up I’ve always looked up to all the locals and my dad.

It’s also really cool seeing all the guys like Ryan Hardy and Lewy Finnegan ripping it down south of WA.

However, it’s hard to choose a favourite bodyboarder because the whole bodyboarding community are all chargers that do the sport generally because they love it and not for the fame or money.

I’ve been lucky enough to grow up at a sick little wedge in the Perth metro area, perfect for the boog!

I also only live a couple of hours from Margret River, which is perfect for short surf trips and big waves. It’s such a cool place, it’s so raw and always pumping with a variety of spots ranging from places such as The Right and The Box for the pros and fun spots such a Supertubes and Rabbits for the groms.

I haven’t surfed much of the rest of Australia but my favourite spot would be Mandurah Wedge, only an hour’s drive from where I live.

I haven’t surfed much around the world, but a couple of places in Bali are worth it just for the amazing scenery such as Uluwatu, as you paddle from a sick cave, and Airports as you watch the planes coming in for landing directly above, as you wait in between sets.

However, I look forward to exploring the world more.

Airports, Denpasar (2019)

My first proper board was a handed down V.S, little did I know how much this piece of foam would demand my attention.

At first I would just hang out with my bro and my dad which pushed me and taught me heaps, until one day I saw this other chick and I was no longer stuck with the guys. This in turn, led me into competition, my first comp was the WA Sun Smart School Surfing Titles where I came first.

Since then I joined a local club called Metro Boardriders, this is where I’m at now and it’s so cool to meet new people and everyone is super supportive. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no girls competing in my club, but I still give the guys a run for their money!

I got second in U18’s in my first event and third in opens in my second event…yeew!

WA Sunsmart School Surfing Titles, 2019

Currently I’m not sponsored as I’ve only just started competing, however with a few more results, maybe I’ll get some interest. Shout outs at the moment would be to Metro Board rider’s event sponsors such as Cipher and Unite clothing.

In West Oz we have some great local brands, It would be awesome to get their name out a little more and let people know what a great job they are doing!

To answer the question regarding what music I listen to, with bodyboarding everyone chooses their vibe to get amped to. With me, I find the motivation comes from watching a few YouTube vids before hitting the waves.

Can’t go past Lewy Finnegan - Glewton Free, Hubbards, West Wedges and the Tension vids. On to my favourite memories of bodyboarding, I must say it was my first taste for competitive bodyboarding.

It was an all-girls event and we had to compete in teams of two, It was super cool and I’ve never seen so many girls enjoying the passion that I have, It really bought out my competitive nature and We managed first place, that’s a memory worth keeping.

I would love to see more girls out there more often, we’ve all got to nurture the sport that we love.

I’m working on becoming a swim school teacher to get kids more enthusiastic about the water at an early age, maybe that will make a difference for someone, I don’t know yet.

Swimming is, well was my other passion before Covid. I was training to do an endurance swim called Port to Pub. It is a 19km swim from the main land to Rottnest Island, which is our local tourist hot spot (and has some awesome breaks by the way.)

I find a strong swimming background helps me to stay in the water for longer and keeps me calm if coping a beating. So it could be worth keeping in mind! Final shout out to any chicks out there keen to go down under local to Perth, I’m happy to hook you up and show you a couple of spots, always good to catch up to a fellow chick frother......"

Cheers also to Metro Boardriders, and LidLife, love reading your blogs, super awesome!

Photo credits:

Robyn Theart

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