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Cole Smith

Having seen the Wedge in Newport pumping with my own eyes makes it extra special to feature a rider that charges it with such ease and commitment.

You have to see it in the flesh to appreciate the raw power and have the balls to paddle out to probably the heaviest shore break in the world, with all the crowds and the chance of not even surviving..... gives you a benchmark of the mentality that is required.

Once the lock down lifts around the world and the comps start up again this rider will definitely be one to watch....

"Hi my name is Cole Smith, I am a bodyboarder from Westminster, California USA.

I am 22 years old and I started bodyboarding about 4 years ago in my senior year of high school.

I got into bodyboarding because I needed to get myself out of the house and I loved the ocean, so I decided that I wanted to bodyboard for my high school surf team.

The reason I chose to be the only bodyboarder on the team was because my dad used to bodyboard the famous Wedge at Newport beach, which inspired me to start bodyboarding.

My childhood heroes were my parents they inspired me to be my best and I am so glad that my dad bodyboarded which played a huge role in who I am now.

My local break is in Seal Beach, I go there in winter and during summer I am always at my favourite spot the Wedge, my favourite spot in the world that I would love to ride would be Teahupoo or Pipeline.

My first bodyboard was a Science pocket model size 43.5.

My bodyboard crew at first was just my friend Julian and I, we were always hitting the beach but now, I have so many buddies out there.

I wanna give a huge shout out to my friend Hayden, one of my best buds thats always charging the Wedge with me and my friends Sonny and Jeff AKA White Snoop.

I competed in high school at the CCSA contest I got first place in the bodyboarding division over a span of about 3-4 contest, my last Comp was the Us Bodyboarding/ APB North America event in oceanside, Ca.

I didn’t do the best that I wanted but I learned a lot for my first official bodyboarding competition, also we do have a contest coming from California bodyboarders, a group bringing bodyboarders together and trying to start contests back up here in California. Super stoked that their doing this!

I Currently go to school full time for nursing and work a part time job. I am sponsored by Custom X, DaFin, MyGo Mount, Zinka Sunscreen, MOB: Man Overboard Clothing, Thrash leash and Snot Nose Surf Wax. I am so thankful for all the support from them.

I currently ride a JMV and SVG model from Custom X, I use a Custom X and Thrash leash, I wear a RipCurl wetsuit and Da fins.

I try to buy bodyboarding clothing from my local bodyboard shop alternative surf and from California Bodyboarders.

Music that gets me pumped up in the morning is anything besides country music haha.

My favourite memory while growing up bodyboarding was seeing a meteor fly through the sky while giving off this green streak at dawn, it was such a crazy sight to see, that’s something I will never forget.

I am a videographer bodyboarder that loves to spread the stoke through my POV GoPro clips on instagram. I love sharing these videos with everyone because it amps everyone up and spreads the stoke.

It's always nice to be able to watch fun clips whether its close out barrels, in and outs or huge airs.

It's an awesome way to connect with people in our community and others around the world.

Photo Credits include:

Jason Fenmore

Mike Harris

Zac Milan

James Ferrell

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