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Our thoughts go out to everyone during this time, just a little bit more lock down relief, from the same area as the most famous Wedge in the world..... and possibly the largest concentration of Cities with Surf Beaches...

Meet Andrew Ebert ...IG as boogie_slater, SoundCloud as SALTWATERCASTLES. " I am 45 during April (Earth Day) I grew up in Orange County till I was 18, then San Diego, now living in Bali, Indonesia. I Started boogie-in 1983...... It was what you did as a grom in Huntington Beach in those days.

It was the golden age of our sport, my buddy Randy and Tommy were my friends that would take the bus to HB Pier.

Jay Reale moved to Cali shortly after and was a great Inspiration to surf with.

Growing up without a father, I had a lot of good role models and inspirational men, but Kainoa McGee was my mentor when it came to skill and style. I was a Tower 1 local at Huntington Beach Pier, but quickly fell in love with exploring other spots. While living in San Diego, Baja was my favorite place to surf. Here in Bali, it’s Uluwatu.

Bingin in Bali is incredible, but my life isn’t over, so I’ll always be on the search. We were dirt poor. So my first “board” was a longboard a neighbor gave me which I sawed down to about 40” to take on the bus. Then it was an Aussie I found at a garage sale for 10$. My crew evolved as I grew up. I was always on the move, but Brad Curry and Keita Kischina we’re main staples during those times.

Kevin Wood was also a great influence that solidified my passion for shaping.

I competed in the more A Boogie contest during the late 80s and early 90s, but the talent pool during that time was pretty heavy.

So I slowly evolved my interests into shaping my own boards then I picked up a job a CustomX when I was 19.

I did however enter the APB contest in San Diego recently and won the Masters division.

I am an electrician by trade, so that has been my main sponsorship and way of travelling.

PMA from CustomX makes my magic boards. I wear CustomX fins since they are the best for DropKnee.

I get custom leashes made by StayCovered in Oceanside, CA. As for my wetties, whatever doesn’t fall apart and keeps me warm. Coming from California where guys are rated by their Instagram likes rather than actual talent. CustomX should have signed me years ago, I wore only Rip Curl wetsuits for 20 years but sadly learned they are not loyal to our sport.

My relationship with StayCovered (leashes)has been a good one of mutual respect.

I try to stick to supporting brands and companies that deserve the exposure and support whether they are bodyboarding or simply artists. Pre surf I love Reggae, jazz or hip-hop.

Some of my favourite memories are trips to Baja with the boys..... Soooo many adventures. Like I said, I am an electrician by trade, but around 2006 I started “MoFrenz”.

It was a way to give back to the community in Baja after a heavy hit of negative media.

The cartel killings were being exaggerated by the media and I saw many of my friends families lose so much business. Rosarito became a ghost town and the local talent did not have support.

So we started the BajaBoogieFiesta.

A free event for the talent of Baja to be able to showcase and express their skills.

Rather than get in trouble, these guys and girls became incredible riders.

Winning National Championships and pursuing great careers. The event has been going on for 13 years and it is incredible to see the change it has made for the community.

So many new shops, brands and riders have flourished, now making Baja and the rest of Mexico, heavy hitters when it comes to talent in our sport. Just check some of the footage out on YouTube.

More events like this is what our sport needs!

Photo Credits include:

Kristen Brantley


Guys we hope you are are staying safe, see you on the other side, these interviews are brought to you in association with:

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