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Viviana Araya

With so much uncertainty surrounding us, it seemed like a perfect time to slow down and actually stop to take stock of what is happening, the direction we were headed in and assess the life we were living.

To take it all in, all the normalities we all take for granted daily that now seem like a lifetime away.

To reset, to reflect and I'm sure evolve stronger, wiser and more prepared.

Through all the negativity that surrounds us, consumes us, let's hope we all continue to look for the silver linings, time with loved ones that you never get, a break for Mother Nature, join me in focussing on all the positives and we will see you on the other side.

Our next rider is yet another that the world famous breaks of Chile has produced, she is a real force on the contest scene which is a fete in itself having not long picked up a bodyboard.

She hales from a town that used to be Peruvian but was conquered by Chile in the "War of the Pacific" Today it is only one of two free ports in Chile.

"Hi my name is Viviana Araya, I am 31and I am from Iquique, Chile and I still live there now.

I started bodyboarding 3 years ago, I got into Bodyboarding to help my older brother who has been a local bodyboarder since 1990.

Unfortunately, addiction took the best out of my brother, after his rehabilitation, he needed someone to go with him to bodyboard, the surf would take him away from the world of drugs.

That was my main motivation and influenced me to bodyboard.

When I was a girl, I was gymnast, so my hero was Nadia Comaneci.

My local breaks are in Cavancha beach and they are called La Punta and El Mauro.

My favourite breaks are in my hometown. Iquique is so perfect for bodyboarding, full of breaks.

My favourite break in the world thou is Nazare, Portugal.

My first board was a Sniper!

My brother and niece were my first partners to go bodyboarding and then I met a lot of girl friends that now are my crew.

Yes, I do compete in my local, national, and world tour. My current ranking is #3 of Chile amateur category, #10 of Chile professional category and #20 on the world APB ranking.

I am an English teacher, bodyboarding is my hobby and I have been travelling a lot around the world with my boyfriend, who is a professional rider. Supporting my boyfriend I have been learning a lot about bodyboarding.

I have one sponsor, a Yoga School located in my hometown called Ananda Yoga.

I ride with a Stealth board, billabong wetsuit, Erizos flippers, and Revo leash, these are my favourite brands.

I don’t buy too many bodyboarding clothing; however I had bought some Drag clothing.

I listen to all types of music but rock mainly.

I have so many favourite memories however some of the best are searching waves with my brother and niece."

Photo credits include:

Mariote Raw Lillo

Maximo Tapia Arriagada

Bruno Matos

Jvidalso Photo


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