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Jared Visick

It's such sad news that the Wavehouse in our next riders home town has shut.

I certainly had an epic time when I had a go all those years ago.

There are so many epic breaks on offer and the strong club scene including the clinics currently being run with massive popularity.

It continues to produce underground hardcore spongers capable of taking it to the next level, could that opportunity to fully expose the talent be when the APB rolls into town at some point this year.......

"Hi my name is Jared Visick, I am 26 and I am from Durban, South Africa, I have been in and out of Durban since I left school, but I’ve been back solidly for about a year now.

I have been bodyboarding since before I can remember, my father and my older brother got me into bodyboarding. My dad used to take my brother and I to the beach as kids for hours on end and the bug bit me and hasn’t left since.

My heroes growing up were definitely Jeff Hubbard, Sean Virtue, Andre Botha, and all the North Beach Built crew.

My local break growing up was North Beach, Durban.

My favourite breaks in the country would have to be Plett Wedge, Cave Rock, Port Alfred Wedge as well as some secret reefs.

My favourite break in the world would have to be the end of the road - Chopes. Never been there but I dream about those barrels.

My first board was a HB Sean Virtue.......

My crew growing up was Alex Chang, Adam Waites, Robbie Waites, Taylor Hickman and a few others.

Now, I cruise with Brad Dames, Teegan Coulonval, Liam Kavanagh, Garryd Ensor, Taylor Hickman, Marco Justino, Darren Simes, Wynand Grobler and Brendan Greenway.

I started competing in 2007 for my province, and since then I have always entered local contests, it was hard because I have been back and forth from the UK and other countries so I missed many, I have made finals, been knocked out first round, placed everywhere you can imagine.

However last year was the first year being back that I could solely concentrate on what I wanted to achieve and I did it, I won the SA men’s division! Now onto the pro division.

I am currently a public relations rep, I do have two companies backing me though - honey shield as well as surf hq surf shop.

I ride a limited handpicked board which is the best board I have ever owned. My hometown water is really warm but when a wetsuit is needed, I wear a reef full suit and I currently use found (Mitch Rawlins) fins and a creature leash.

I do try buy some local bodyboarding brand clothing when I can.

The music that gets me going ranges dependent on what mood I am in, it’s definitely always either deep techno, or punk rock, there’s no in between.

My favourite memories growing up are definitely trying new breaks for the first time with friends and being terrified and pushing through your boundaries.

I am just a regular guy doing what I love as much as I can.

The bodyboarding industry where I am from has not backed as much as it could have or as much as it should have, but there are a few people behind the scenes really trying to grow the sport, as well as take it to the next generation - through clinics and other things. We as bodyboarders should be stoked on the sport that we do, it’s the greatest sport in the world in my eyes and I’m going to continue to do this and try get to the next level until the day I die!

Photo credits:

Darren Simes

Marco Justino

Darren Simes

Nic Aberdein

Clinton Rich

Rebecca Nuss

Jared maybe we will see you enter events run by APB South Africa this year.

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