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Olivia Smedley

It's super cool when we get to catch up with homegrown British talent.

Originally from an area of the UK that generally does not produce bodyboarders so this could be a bit of a first.

The County however is accustomed to producing a few other firsts.

It is home to the first public park in the UK which inspired the design of New York's Central Park.

The area is also home to the first factory in the world and infact was the birthplace of the industrial revolution.......

"Hi my name is Olivia Smedley, I am 29 and I’m from Derbyshire in England but now now I live in Cornwall.

I started bodyboarding when I was around 9 years old when visiting Cornwall on holiday with my family.

When I was on holiday we happened to visit a shore break popular with bodyboarders, I hired a board from The Pit Surf Shop and used to love shooting up the beach on the board and getting slammed into the sand!

I love nothing more than having my hair absolutely covered in sand! I remember seeing people doing tricks on a bodyboard and being so inspired and wanting to do the same, I then found ThreeSixty magazine and that was it!

My idols growing up were all the riders I would see in the ThreeSixty magazines! Pierre Louis Costes has always been my favourite rider and it was amazing when I met him in the Canary Islands when I was competing there. Also, Mitch Rawlins, he has such amazing style.

My local break is Portreath at the moment.

My favourite break in the uk..... hard choice! Portreath, Porthtowan and Porthleven are all my go to favourites.

When the waves are good it is hard to beat Cornwall. I have travelled to various places for bodyboarding, stand outs have been Beliche in Portugal which is so much fun with it’s sick wedges. I’ve probably had some of my best waves ever on a trip to Bali, Canggu and Padang.

I really enjoyed those spots along with Shipwrecks on Nusa Lembongan.

My first proper bodyboard was a Genesis GSX42 from the The Pit in St.Merryn, absolutely loved this board. Still got it somewhere I think!

The highlight of competing was in 2011 when I won the Women’s British Bodyboard Tour and got the opportunity to attend the World Bodyboard Games in Gran Canaria, which was an unforgettable experience and one I feel very grateful for.

I also attended the European Surfing Championships in the Azores in 2013 with the English Surfing Team, another great experience in which I placed 6th.

Unfortunately the English Bodyboard Club has not been active since around 2015 so there have been no competitions to take part in for many years.

Last year, the Cornish Bodyboard Series launched and is reviving the contest scene in Cornwall which is awesome. Unfortunately though, this year there weren’t enough girls to run a women's division.

I have very recently changed careers from a physics teacher to a space scientist so my job is not so related with bodyboarding!

I would like to shout out to Jon Brookes at The Pit Surf Shop in St. Merryn who has always helped me out with bodyboard equipment ever since my first visit! Also, Ben Howard at Section Bodyboarding.

I currently ride a 39’ Lilly Contour Emerald NRG+ Hardy Shapes board which I love. Fin-wise I currently wear Pride Vulcan’s, definitely the best fitting fins in that style I’ve ever worn.

I do try and support bodyboard brands where possible but they don’t usually sell women’s clothing which is a real shame! Last year I got a women’s Reeflex wetsuit which I absolutely love.

I like listening to playlists I’ve created of soundtracks from my favourite bodyboard movies. One of my favourite amp up songs is Numb by Alice in Videoland which features in Hiding from Comfort, love that film.

I have so many amazing memories of bodyboarding! I would say the moment that I first trimmed along a wave at Harlyn Bay. A magical moment.

Bodyboarding is such an important part of my life, it really has shaped my life to what it is now. Being in the ocean amongst the waves means that I am present in the moment and it makes me feel alive, I also love collecting bodyboard dvds and magazines! "

Olivia thanks for catching up with us and sharing your story🤙🏻😎

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