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Ezra Hill

Our next rider is from the third largest Island in Hawaii which is also know as "The Gathering Place" it is no surprise then he is very at home surfing some of the heaviest waves on the planet with most of them just on his back door.....

"My name is Ezra Ho’onui Hill, I am 19 years old and i'm from Oahu, Hawaii, all the way in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

I live in a small town on the east side of Oahu, called Waimanalo, also known as God’s Country.

I have been bodyboarding ever since I could remember, I went to school with a boy the same age as me named Kawika Kamai. He lives right across the street from me and we have been close ever since I can remember.

His family loved the ocean, from being a lifeguard, to canoe paddling, fishing and diving and of course bodyboarding and surfing! They brought me in as if I was one of their own kids and showed me the ropes of being a watermen.

Kawika along with his dad (John Kamai) got me hooked on bodyboarding though, showed me how to compete and also free surf in any type of conditions the waves were in, taught me pretty much everything I know.

Growing up bodyboarding with Kawika has always been competitive but of course fun because of the epic memories we create in and out of the water. There’s always high levels of tension between us because either one of us has the desire to win and succeed throughout our performance in and out of contest, but also we strive on to better one another.

My home break was and still is Sandy Beach and of course Makapu’u, right down the road.

My favorite break in my country would have to be Pipeline down on the North Shore.

There’s some hidden magical zones we got down here in Hawaii that are hands down some of my favourite breaks in the world but we’ll save that for later, I’d say thou my dream break to bodyboard would be Java, Indonesia.

My first board was a Science the #7 model I believe, they don't make those anymore, but it was from none other than my brother Kawika Kamai.

Majority of “da boyz” come out of Hawaiian Homestead in Waimanalo and a few others from around the island. We’d link up, plan and follow through with the most epic surf sessions we could imagine down here in paradise. .

I started entering contests around 12 trying to keep up with Kawika Kamai and other local groms that shred.

Till this day I still compete and plan on travelling very soon to compete in some of the APB world tour events, hopefully all of them soon. Competing as a Jr. Pro I’ve placed in finals and won some contests such as the Sandy Beach Pro, Pounders Roundup, and a few other contests held on other islands.

The most memorable contest I’ve won was the 2017 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational for the Jr. Pro. Placing 1st right above my brother Kawika Kamai, who raised the bar that day with a 9.7 in our final.

Somehow I scored two clean barrels, one at Pipe, the other was a last minute doggy door drainer at Backdoor. I remember I was just about to take the drop and I looked down towards my brother Kawika who was duck diving screaming “GO!”, “Heat Winner!” I Paddled back out not even thinking or knowing I was in the lead until the final seconds to where my brother Kawika, paddled over to me to let me know I’ve done it. It was like living out my dream as a kid to win at Pipeline. A day that I will cherish forever

I currently ride for Science Bodyboards, Vipers Surfing Fins and Gyroll leashes and wetsuits. My fortunate sponsors was brought by the legend himself Mike Stewart. I ride a 41 Rigby, which is one of my favorite boards due to the great performance for all prone, dropknee, and standup.

It has phenomenal projection for air and has amazing accuracy on controlling and gaining speed, I also use a Gyroll bicep leash which I love because it’s small and comfortable, due to living in Hawaii I use the Gyroll spring suit! Keeping me safe and swimming is my Viper deltas which are great! All in all, these are my top favourite brands and I’m fortunate to have them as my sponsors!

There’s many local bodyboarding clothing that’s been happening lately and yes i’ve been trying out the sick designs that people come up with to put on a shirt!

My all time favourite bodyboarder would have to be the goat himself, Jeff Hubbard. He is a different kind of breed, along with his brother Dave Hubbard, both bodyboarding gods I would say.

Music that gets me pumped for surf would depend on my mood but of course r&b rap is included all the way down to reggae and our unreal island jams we got on the islands.

Winning Pipe and scoring all time epic surf sessions would have to be my favourite memories growing up bodyboarding.

I've shaped only once for my first sponsor that picked me up, they were called Anomaly Bodyboards, which was brought by big wave charger Micah Oh. All my boards were customized which I was beyond stoked on and one day I got offered to make and shape my new board.

No I’m not a supplier but I hook up some unfortunate groms with gear when I see they really need it.

As a pro rider I continue to compete and surf as much as I can while promoting my sponsors in and out of the water. I do in and out the water that by putting on a show in contest and reaching my goals to make finals or even win the event. I also do it out of the water by advertising on social media."

Photo credits include:

Shane Lono


Kainoa Mattos

Alex Perez

Gwen Goda

Asa Aquino

Ezra thanks for catching up with us we love watching you charge 🤙🏻😎

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