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Sally Wells

This week we are in Australia the land of the probably the most concentrated surf breaks per square mile out of anywhere in the world.

The quality of the surf is phenomenal and with a current hot topic right now, why would they even have wave parks when you have every type of beach, reef, slab and point break going on your door top..... just watch the debate unfold with the first wave park to open in the UK, waste or wish list.....

What's so fantastic is the phenomenal rise of woman's bodyboarding, they go as hard as the men, charge just as big and in my opinion they are the future of our sport as we know it, please let me introduce to you one of the riders helping progress this.....

"Hi my name is Sally Wells and I am 25, when I was younger we had a family farm near Phillip Island (VIC, AUS) but spent a lot of time in Melbourne. When I finished university I moved to Warrnambool on the south west coast of Victoria for a couple of years but been back in Phillip Island for almost 2 years, when I was 20 years old, 2014.

As a teenager I learnt to stand up surf, I’d never heard of bodyboarding as a competitive sport. My first introduction to bodyboarding was at the Australian university championships (AUC) for surfing 2014. Whilst at university I was a member of the "La Trobe" university surf club, taking regular trips along the Great Ocean road and to Wilson’s Promontory.

I took on the role of team manager for the team heading up to Newcastle, NSW for the AUC surfing which tied in with “Uni games” where different universities from around Australia would compete in their respective sport, party and hang out with their mates for the week, have few too many drinks, next to no sleep then get up and have a great time competing again the next day! Originally, I wasn’t entered in the bodyboarding but a team mate had to pull out the night before her round one heat so I manged to borrow a board and a set of fins to take her spot. I was stoked to finish 3rd out of 16 girls in the event with a new found appreciation for the competitive sport of bodyboarding.

When I arrived back home I ordered my first bodyboard online…about 3 inches bigger than I needed for my size as I had no idea and joined the Mornington Peninsula Bodyboarding club.

I didn’t really have a childhood bodyboarding hero as I was a bit late to the party but love watching ladies like Lilly Pollard and Ayaka Suzuki taking on some of the heaviest waves going around I wish I was that ballsy! I also love following the next generation like Millie Chalker and Sophie Leathers,

Awesome to see them competing and really pushing to promote the sport here in AUS! I love a good beachy, generally surf a few spots here on the island or around Torquay, I miss surfing at the Flume or Japs in Warrnambool. I have yet to surf overseas, I'm hoping to get to Japan or do a surf camp/ boat trip in Indo in the next year.

I’ve ridden a few different brand boards Funkshen, Science, Vs, No.6. My boards range from 40-41.5, and I just purchased my first bat tail which I am digging the feel of.

I am proud to be an ambassador for "Gone Boarding" it's great to surf with the crew there and from "MPBC" when I get the chance.

I’ve only just got back in the water after having a little girl 10 weeks ago…watch this space little shredder in the making. I’ve competed at Australian University Championships, MPBC club events.

I have been fortunate enough to win a few state titles and compete at nationals, hoping to get back there next year as well as enter some of the ABA tour events. just have to see how I manage to juggle new bubs and work first. Currently I'm a full-time mum on maternity leave but qualified Podiatrist.

Shout out to my sponsor @gonebodyboarding crew for their support and sweet tees, I'm still riding a variety of boards, I currently wear an array of some super comfy wetties including @atticawetsuits and of course a 5’4 wetty is required to tough out winter here in Vicco, cheers @needsessentials.

I Iove my @limitededition flippers but I'm always in the market for sponsors haha I’m not exclusively shopping boarding brands as I also enjoy stand-up surfing and do treat myself to the odd boutique floral/ beachy festival ensemble.

I love a bit of triple J like a version never goes astray; some Ocean Alley, Meg Mac, Winston Surfshirt, Stormzy, Tones and I is on high rotation at the moment.

My favourite memory of body boarding growing up? 2018 Australian titles up on the Tweed Coast of NSW…detour holiday to Byron Bay with the boyfriend of course.

When people ask me what I’m good at or what my hobbies are I generally just say that I’m “averagely good at most things”. Growing up I’ve dabbled in everything from netball to tennis, swimming, piano, clarinet, singing, guitar, long boarding, bodyboarding etc. But as long as I’m living by the beach and can get a good coffee, I’ll be happy.

Photo credits include:

Putera Bagus Putu Photography

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