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This weeks rider loves nothing more than charging some of the heaviest waves on the planet and he can do so in his own back yard.

Hawaii being his home and the love and support of his family means this young man has every chance of being another firm prospect on the APB in years to come.

His fellow countryman Sammy was going for a historic double but was knocked out by another Hawaiian Mack, these boys are inspiring the current generation of young riders, it is no surprise the level of talent in Hawaii right now seems to be setting the benchmark of world bodyboarding.....

"Aloha everyone! My name is Mana Fujihara aka Moistah, I am 14 years old and born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Bodyboarding has become a big part of my life, I started bodyboarding when I was four years old but never grew a passion for free bodyboarding until I was eleven when I caught my first wave.

I love the ocean so much, being around it my entire life has helped me grow a strong connection with the waves I catch.

When I’m on my 38” science bodyboard launch and drop into a barrel, I just want to stay there forever.

That feeling will never get old, I also use the limited grey edition MS Viper Surfing fins, Gyroll leash and wetsuit and Matunas organic wax every time I’m in the water.

If you click on my pic below you can own your own from my friends at The Foam Company Bodyboard shop.....

I entered my first bodyboarding competition with Hawaii Surfing Association in April 2018 and haven’t stopped since.

Other competitions I have competed in are the Roots Bodyboarding and Miller’s Surf competition held annually on the Big Island, Paka Bodyboarding Fest also on the Big Island, Sandy Beach Bash (amateur) taking 1st in (13-15), 1st in (16-18) and 4th in (Men 19 over.)

I also competed in the Sandy Beach Challenge (pro) held on Oahu by Hawaii Bodyboarding Pro Tour and taking the Junior Pro Title.

My most recent competition was in Viana do Castelo Portugal where I competed at the 2019 APB Junior World Championship. Not only was this the first time competing internationally but also the most challenging against the worlds best. I was stoked to take 5th place after six challenging heats, I met some really sick people and made lasting friendships, It’s what the bodyboarding community is all about.

There’s many Pro Bodyboards I look up to such as Mike Stewart, Jeff Hubbard and Jacob Romero but one living legend in specific is Lael Wilson. He has always been one of my favourites because of his style and talent, I love bodyboarding with him because he always makes me laugh and gives me good tips on how to improve my skill.

Before a competition I usually get stoked by listening to my favorite music rap or reggae or watching bodyboarding videos to get focused.

Some of my goals in bodyboarding are to follow the APB tour and win a world tour title, compete against my idols and just have fun!

I couldn’t do what I love without my parents Keola and Ola Fujihara who support me 100%, my family, friends and the best sponsors I could ask for. Mahalo to Norman Skorge, Captain Shane Lono, Science Bodyboard Hawaii, Viper Surfing Fins, Gyroll, Matunas, The Foam Company, Reflect The Spirit Hawaii, Bomber Safety Eyewear, Print Shop Hawaii, Boogfam and Ainakai Lifestyle.

Photo credits include:

Mike Cerrone

Tó Mané

Kaimana "Kai" Nitta

Hammah Photography

Keola Fuji

Mana, good luck with your future, I have no doubt we are yet to see big things come your way, keep pushing boundaries and never stop believing.....

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