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Lara Ascanio

Our next rider is from a group of islands that all eyes in the bodyboarding community will be on over the next week or so...

Having excelled at Sintra can she repeat that performance at El Fronton, only time will tell but there's lots to be decided, both in the Men's and Women's division at the Final stop of the 2019 APB World title race, will history be made.....

"Hi my name is Lara Ascanio Carballo, I am 20 years old,

I am from Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain and I am still living here now.

I started bodyboarding at the age of 11 but in reality I have been on the beach all my life.

My father has been a surfer for all his life and this is what influenced me to start, my older brother started bodyboarding and I followed in his footsteps.

My childhood hero was Ryan Hardy and he still is. However, I admire many other bodyboarders like the Canarian Alvaro Padrón, who also surfs with me at my home break.

My local break is in the north of Tenerife and it is called “El Socorro”, a black sand beach with strong waves in the winter haha.

My favourite waves are in Gran Canaria and they are “La Guancha” and “El Confital”.

I would have to travel more to be able to tell you my favourite wave in the world.

My first board was a special mini board that my parents gave me when I was very young from decathlon, more or less when I was 7 years old, then I would say that my first professional board was a 5C.

Yes, I competed and I´m still competing. I have been the champion of the Canary Islands and Spain. I have only competed in a world championship (APB) twice and it was at “El Frontón” 2017, this year I competed in Sintra (APB) and I managed a third place, it was even more special because I shared the podium with two other riders from the Canary Islands, I am also competing at “El Frontón” over the next week or so.

I work in a surf shop part-time and I am also a university student but I do have sponsors which are Fanfi surf shop who give me all the products, they give me Hot Buttered bodyboards and also the new brand Sisstre who give me wetsuits and clothes.

My other sponsors are a surf club (Punta Blanca) who help me with the Canarian circuit, a personal trainer (Nutriforma) and an optical shop (Natural optics Rusela Rieu).

I am riding a Hotbuttered bodyboard size 40” with its accessories and I wear Sisstre wetsuits.

In spite of the help I receive from sponsors, which I appreciate It would be great to get more financial assistance.

I don’t buy bodyboarding brand clothing because I get it for free haha, of course my favourite is Sisstre.

Music? Anything except Reggaeton haha. I usually listen to music from the 70´s, 80´s or 90´s, they remind me of the old bodyboard videos and I also like house or techno music.

I would probably not be able to choose a favourite memory in this sport because there are so many.

I have been in the world of waves literally since I

was born and the older I have become, the more I have got immersed in this world.

It all started at my home break, there, in 2012,I dared to compete for the first time in a Canarian Championship circuit and since then I have not stopped competing in the Canarian circuit, becoming champion a few times. In 2016, in one of my favourite waves (La Guancha) I

became the champion of Spain and right now I am 3 rd in the Spanish rankings.

I would love to be able to do a complete world circuit, it is my dream, but for the moment this year I will be happy to go to two of the APB championships, one already completed in Sintra, Portugal and the

other in El Frontón, Canary Islands which has just started.

Bodyboarding has become everything in my life, I have been practicing this sport so many

years and it has filled my life with incredible moments and thanks to this I have met people

who are very important to me now and I have lived the best experiences.

Photo credits include:

Marcos Herrera

Javier Henriquez Cutillas

Ricardo Bosch

Jairo Díaz


Lara we will be watching the Fronton comp this week it would be fantastic if you made another podium finish, good luck......

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Details will soon be released for the August 2020 Bodyboard Adventure for the mixed trip down in Mexico with Heriberto and the boys watch this space......

Also dates for the 2020 All BodyBoard Charters Mentawais and Telos Islands will be released soon........

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