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Luka Eiler

We are off on our well deserved pilgrimage to the Mentawais, in fact even whilst you are reading this we will be boarding our flight from London, this week is the last feature before we head out to meet the boys in Indo and hook up with Stevie Maher to join his first trip of the season on the" All BodyBoard Charters Mentawais Islands"

Before we head off thou we would like to showcase another young Australian rider at the start of his career from the same area as Holden Stubbs, the area has a strong talent pool and a fierce contest scene run by The Coffs Coast Bodyboarding Association-CCBA and they are doing something right given the talent level of the groms they are producing.

"I am 14 years old and I live in Coffs Harbour, Australia,

I have probably only been bodyboarding a couple of years now.

My heroes growing up were and still are Mike Stewart and Lewy Finnegan.

My favourite break where I live is near the jetty, it’s called Coffs reef.

I reckon my favourite break in Australia thou would have to be Shark Island.

In the world I reckon my favourite wave would have to be The Wedge.

My first board was a Science ......

I have started competing in CCBA in Coffs Harbour and I have been away to the Port Macquarie Teams challenge, when I went on this long weekend I had to get up at 4 am in the morning.

The drive was just under 2 hours and we had to be there at 6.30 am to check in, It was so awesome just hanging with my crew.

I had a heat a day so three heats in total and placed 3rd in all of them.

When I finished my heat I would watch my friends compete and go for a free surf down the beach or wherever else was good....

It was soooo much much better down the beach as the contest area slowly started to get smaller and the wind was getting to it.

I have work, i’m not sponsored at the moment, my dream would be to do well competing get some exposure and securing some sponsorship, it would be awesome if I could get a sponsor sooner rather than later........

I'm currently riding a science pro v-spec with pp core, 40 inches it’s all black. I wear a gyroll Mike Stewart wetsuit it’s a 3/2 and I wear ms viper flippers.

Yeh I have got a few brands of clothing but my favourite has gotta be illusion bodyboarding, shirts and hats.

Pre surf I like any good recent songs like “ No effect ”

My plan is to just keep doing what I'm doing, I'm enjoying competing and surfing the waves that are on offer at the moment, then I will see where this takes me...................

Photo credits include:

James Hill

David Wayland


Luka good luck with your sponsorship and all that lies ahead for your journey, thanks for sharing 😎🤙🏻...............................

The interviews will return 27/07/19 just in time for my birthday☺️.

If you are at a loose end it's not too late to jump on board as there are 3 trips this season, come join us Monday or how about testing your skills against current APB DK world champion Sammy Morretino or cruise with Adam "Wingnut" Smith... Get in touch with Stevie Maher

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Last spot still remains on the All Bodyboard adventure down in Mexico Aug 7th get in touch with our boy Heriberto to snap this up

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