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Julie Faustino

Our next rider, originally from an area in France that is not on the coast but lays claim to producing actor Gérard Depardieu!

She now resides on one of the most wave rich, intense coastlines in Europe, if not the world and although not a fan of competing she never shys away from when the ocean serves up the goods.

We had the pleasure of meeting her on our last trip and if you find yourself in Portugal and need either your children or animals (if the two are actually even different 😎) looking after then you can look up the services of "nannyon" where you can have your loved ones looked after whether you fancy a surf lesson or just some time out for yourselves, click the link to find out more....

"Hi my name Julie Faustino, I am 38 and originally I’m from Dreux, in France.

Currently I’m living near Ericeira in Portugal and I started Body boarding 4 years ago.

When I was 16 years old I loved to be by the sea but I spent all my free time helping my parents with their businesses.

When you are a girl and have minor freedom, to go surfing is not an option.

I was dreaming when I was reading SURF EUROPE magazine, it was a perfect getaway to distract myself from the reality.

At the time I told myself that one day I would be free to go sliding into the sea and have fun like the bodyboarders in the magazine.

It took me ages…but I am fulfilling my dream. I’m having fun, I’m free in the water, I like the rush , the speed, the balance and the dance with the ocean.

Bodyboarding it’s a therapy, the best sport and the best friend that you could have, I could not imagine my life without it.

My childhood heroes were Sonic, Dragon Ball (1st edition please) and Wonder woman (ah ah ah)

Now my country is Portugal and my favourite spot is São Sebastião.

In my short experience on Bodyboarding, I like to slide into Crazy Left or Supertubos both in Portugal.

My first board was a VERSUS board, Joe Clarke model.

My crew is with some friends Ricardo Ornelas and Mafalda Martinho and my super coach Óscar Mansura La crême de la crême of Bodyboarding.

I’m a Geography Teacher, a mom and I own a small family service company called Nanny On.

We provide a flexible nanny service around Ericeira, Peniche and Nazaré.

We can be at the beach, your hotel or even in your tent to help look after your children, we even provide a pet sitting service so you can truly enjoy your precious time in Portugal.....

I love a brand named NÜTS.

There line is fantastic and comfortable......

I love all kinds of music! I don’t need a special type of music to go surfing…I just need to get my suit and board and have fun.

Thanks for catching up with me LidLife......"

Julie we look forward to seeing you again and going for a wave with you and Mafalda in August when we are back 🤙🏻

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