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Olivia Ramirez

Our next rider is from my favourite place in Mexico, a place that draws the best riders in the world year on year.

A place that is home to one of the most ferocious beach breaks on the planet, where you can sit in the line up and watch turtles play, flying mantas skim the surface or pelicans dive for fish all whilst 15 ft waves crash around you, that is if you dare.... Just check out some of the footage of Valentina Diaz and Ayaka Suzuki charging monstrous waves here and you will gasp in disbelief.....

Our boy Heriberto Sanchez runs his surf travel adventure company in this neck of the woods and if you want to be guided to the best spots then give him a shout @thepuertoexperience, they are running an all bodyboard adventure Aug 7th-12th and have just a couple of spots left.....

You may even bump into our next rider.....

"My name is Olivia Ramirez and I live in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.

I am currently the national champion of Mexico in the womans bodyboard division.

I consider this my greatest accomplishment so far and the road has been very hard but it has showed me that anything is possible with a lot of hard work and determination.

I Started this sport thanks to my sisters, they told me to keep practising and improving my skills, I love competing because I meet more people who share similar goals and I am always learning.

I am always motivating myself to do better and I like helping the younger generations to keep fighting for their dreams.

I am waiting for the next competition, I can always count on the help of my friends and family but one of my goals is to have a sponsor.

I love surfing because it is my passion, being in the water and riding waves makes me happy.

My first and best hero Is my sister and then Isabela Sousa.

Zicatela is my best place and favourite wave in the world, I have surfed here for a long time and had some amazing waves.

I am lucky I have travelled a bit and surfed in Chile, Nicaragua, Mundaka and France.

My first board was a Toobs and it was the best.

I have 2 boards now an independent and a science, I use Stealth flippers and my leash is Pride.

My best and favourite memory was taking off on a wave that was about 8 feet at the tip, I experienced the first tube of my life.

I started practicing Bodyboarding when I was 18 years old.

My sisters loved to Bodyboard, they were very good and they encouraged me to continue to practice always.

I mentioned before I love to compete and have done on many occasions, I always work hard and always aim to stay in at least 2nd or 3rd place, I always give the best of me.

My next aim is to try and secure some sponsorship and take my bodyboarding and competing to the next level please feel free to come check out my Insta @olialoha14.

Photo credits include:

Williams Alfredo Nava Durán

Damian Victoria

Olivia thanks for sharing your story, guys if there's anyone that wants to help secure some sponsorship, female bodyboarding is where it's at and along with a lot of other female chargers Olivia is pushing boundaries down in Mexico.....

Last few LidLife towels remain get in touch to own yours now....

Last spots remain onboard the @steviemaher All Bodyboard Charters please get in touch....

Last couple of Wingnut boards available...

If you want to charge the waves of Mexico then contact Heriberto of our @thepuertoexperience to grab the last remaining spots...

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