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Sean Holloway

Our next rider lives in an area of South Africa that one could argue is home to one of the best waves in SA.

On the right swell, huge waves break over the solid rock reef bottom casting perfect tubing waves for only the experienced to sample.

Respect the locals and fear the sharks and you might just enjoy yourself, don't and suffer the consequences it's not like you haven't been warned...

I was fortunate enough to travel here but unlucky for me never got to experience the sheer perfection available, something I am desperate to change.

Please let me introduce you to Sean Holloway aka "Hyperfreak" 'I'm 29 years old and was born on the 4th of December 1989. I was born and raised on the Bluff, south of Durban and I have been living in the same house my whole life. I started bodyboarding at the age of 12 and have been competing for the last 3 years.

I got into bodyboarding through my older brother, Clayton Holloway and my natural love for the ocean. The riders who I feel have had the greatest impact on my riding style would be Matthew Lackey, Dave Hubbard, Kim Feast and Paul Roach.

Having grown up on the Bluff I have spent a lot of time at the world class Cave Rock, other spots would include Ansteys Beach and Treasure Beach. My favourite spots around, apart from the local breaks would be Ifafa beach on the South Coast of KZN and the Transkei. Pipeline would definitely be top of the list of my favourite spots around the world, along with all those Aussie slabs, although I have never been that side of the world, yet!

One of my first bodyboards was a Hot Buttered, I have tried out a lot of boards since then. There is a local association of riders who skate, surf, bodyboard, wind surf and kite board. The Bluff board riders, when I compete at the S.A Champs I ride for E.B.A, eThekwini bodyboarding association.

I have been competing for the last 3 years and my achievements are:

2016 Treasure Beach 'King of the beach' Champion 2017 S.A Bodyboarding Champs 3rd place Drop Knee division 2018 W.B.B.C Impromptu Series Drop Knee Champion 2018 eThekweni Men's, Pro and Drop Knee division Champion 2018 S.A Bodyboarding Champs Drop Knee Champion 2018 S.A Bodyboarding Champs men's division 4th place

I'm a plumber by trade and work for Mark Brown, Nu Gen Plumbing and leak detecting. My favourite fins were Redleys and I am currently using Reef RS4 and a Quicksilver wetsuit.

I have Reef and Maniac leashes and a variety of boards, Hubbard, Rossi, Theil, Turbo and an E Skipp but my favourite would have to be my Maniac DK board. I recieve alot of support from Simon Williamson of Maniac bodyboards. #maniac #maniacbodyboarding @maniac_bodyboarding

I try support local bodyboard brands. A couple of my favourite are Maniac, Hand Picked and Flip it.

I listen to all types of music but when it comes to getting psyched up for a surf I put on heavy metal or Hip Hop. My favourite memories from bodyboarding would be the days before we had to work, when all you did was spend the whole day on the beach with mates getting waves, feeling surfed out and sunburnt.

In closing i'm a super chilled, dog loving ocean baby who enjoys searching for waves with my close mates.

To all who might be in the area give me a shout and let's get barrelled, also a massive shout out to Kristian Martin for this opportunity and all at LidLife Bodyboarding for all the work involved, cheers. Photo credits include:

Darren Simes

Kevin Rom @profarazzi_sport

Sean, great catching up with you bro, good luck with the 2019 season....

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Photo: Trent Bliss

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