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Holden Stubbs

These feature blogs are really important to me for a few reasons, not just because they fuel my passion for sponging and help me get over the fact I now live in London away from the coast and can't just pop of to the beach or the fact I get to catch up with pros past and present or even amateur competitors that people have heard of or know, they also help showcase untapped talent.

There are so many guys and girls out there with a tonne of talent but they choose to either not compete or they just avoid the limelight or might just not be lucky enough to get exposure no matter how hard they knock at the door, they just might be too young to know that bodyboarding will consume them, the future of our sport....

Our next rider is one of those talents who hasn't yet started competing but is such a natural on a lid he deserves some exposure.

He comes from a region in Australia who's economy was once mainly based on bananas but has now been replaced with blueberries, tourism and fishing.

The town owes its name to to John Korff who was able to shelter in the area from a severe storm in 1847 and now is being exposed because of our next rider.........

" Hi I'm Holden Stubbs, I'm 14 years old and I live on the east coast of Australia in a pretty decent size town called Coffs Harbour.

Um honestly I have only been taking bodyboarding seriously for about a year and a half.

Before that I would go to the beach and what not every so often but ride whitewash and be an absolute kook haha!

I got into Bodyboarding because I moved into a high school that was right near the beach and a lot of surfers went there as well so I guess it was a thing of fitting in really.

After giving proper bodyboarding a go as in catching actual waves and whatever I loved it! I’m still a grom, so my bodyboard hero’s would definitely have to be Ryan Hardy and Tanner McDaniel, I don’t know why really, they just charge everything I guess!

I live close to a few beaches, though North Wall which is probably the closest has the best wedge when you get the right swell and wind so you can get heaps of fun ones there. Other than that probably gallows which gets a mean left off the rocks!

I haven’t done a lot of travelling although I have been to Curl Curl at Sydney a few times and it’s heaps of fun Haha, I haven’t been Bodyboarding overseas yet but later this year we are going to Bali, so keen to get some good ones over there! In the future I would love to go on a bodyboard trip to Hawaii.

My first proper board was a Dallas Stinger signature 4Play board from a local Bodyboard shop that was closing down so I got a mad deal on it! At the time I had it I was a complete kook so really didn’t even need such a good board but yeah.

Nah I don’t compete, I do have a local club CCBA but I really just enjoy my free surfing haha! Um yeah no I don’t have any sponsors though if someone gave me the opportunity to be part of their company that would seriously be the greatest thing haha! Do I have a job?

Yeah I just work at a grocery store so if there is no swell I’m usually there. My current setup is a Science Tanner McDaniel board with a Stealth leash, Stealth s1 fins and Stealth heel pads all in black. Also I wear a Zion zipper-less wetsuit! If everyone could follow my Instagram that would be really appreciated haha @holden_stubbs .

Also shoutout to LidLife bodyboarding for having me! Well as I said if someone were to offer me anything, even if it were not a sponsorship just discounts on their products I would definitely not turn that down and would really appreciate it.

I’m still in youth sizes and not a lot of bodyboard clothing companies make youth sizes so I just sort of stick to surf brand clothes until I grow haha!

Photo credits:

Kody Mackie

The Parents x

Holden Bro, keep shredding and if anyone out there wants to get hold of Holden for a bit of sponsorship you can hit him up on insta.....

New family member to be announced next week......

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