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Lloyd Llewellyn

The Sunshine Coast in the Australian state of Queensland is located about 100 km north of the state capital Brisbane on the Pacific Ocean coastline.

Theres roughly 60 km of coastline and there's an approximate population of 300,000, It would also appear most of these people DK 😂.

There are some great surf spots in the region and the general standard of bodyboarding both prone and DK is super high, this may be why it is also home to 2 ex world champions and a very active Sunshine Coast Bodyboard Club.

Our next rider is very passionate and I am privileged to be able to share his story....

" My name is Lloyd Llewellyn and I can proudly say I am in the Master division of the sport at 42.

I am from the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia.

I started Bodyboarding as a young grom around 10 to 12 with my family growing up near the beach.

My Dad Bob Llewellyn, Mum Sue Llewellyn, bro Lenny Llewellyn & sister super grom back then Kira Llewellyn used to spend hours in the waves during summer.

Back in the grom days I used to have a surfboard and bodyboard but all my mates were bodyboarding back then & we all used to hit the beach and love it.

My heroes growing up were Mike Stewart, Eppo, Roach & Tamega, then, as I got a little older the Shark Island crew from Cronulla used to be a huge influence, riders such as Nugget, Wingnut, Ballard, Percy etc…

I still get stoked having both the first Australian men’s & Women’s world champions living on the Sunshine Coast being Eppo & my sister Kira Llewellyn, both those world champions really kept the fire going for me in the competitive bodyboarding arena in Australia.

My local break growing up was Maroochydore, for about 5 years growing up we had a major sand shift at Maroochydore river mouth & we had a big crew of “Mdore river crew” that used to go off out there in the day.

When the Sunshine Coast switches on there’s definitely no place like home, it fires up at the local breaks.

I have travelled the East Coast of Australia between QLD & NSW & there are so many fun breaks from QLD to Cronulla it would take forever to name them, but search & you will find.

I haven’t done much travelling in the world but I have been to Bali, Fiji & Cornwall UK. I have enjoyed bodyboarding those locations.

I will be going to Secret Sumatra next year with some old bodyboard legends, I'm really looking forward to that. These days if I can find a location with waves & good for the family with wife Marnie Llewellyn & kids Logan, Mystie & Myla Llewellyn then I'm happy.

My first real bodyboard was an O & E board with a super hard slick. I used to spend most my time sliding down dunes on it as a grom as it was super fast down sand dunes with the hard slick.

We used to have a big Mdore crew growing up that included riders such as Adam Keegan, Ryan Spears, Troy Thornton, Guru Lack, Robo Smith, David Lohan, Kira Llewellyn, Lenny Llewellyn, Gummy, Pluck, Rory Frecklington, Gary Thatcher, Theo, Jake & Brad Stone to name a few who were regularly out shredding.

I still compete in local DK & Masters events, I'm currently ranked 2nd in Australia for Masters, 1st in Queensland for Masters for two years in a row & ranked in the top 2 in the local SCBC club for DropKnee & Masters.

I am currently organising the second Sunshine Coast DropKnee ShootOut (SCDKSO) #SCDKSO which was a huge success in 2018.

This year the event is being transformed into a memorial event in memory of a local DropKnee legend Lindsay Connolly who lost his life bodyboarding Noosa, QLD in a big swell.


I currently work in IT, driving around the Sunshine Coast & surrounding areas fixing IT issues for business customers.

I would like to give a huge Shout Out to the brands who have jumped straight out sponsoring the Lindsay Connolly Memorial Sunshine Coast DropKnee ShootOut. #SCDKSO being Inverted Bodyboarding, Reeflex wetsuits, Sunbreaker Optical & DMC Fins. These brands have immediately jumped onboard, as always support the brands that support the sport.

I would love to have a few sponsors, but being an older Master of the sport the sponsors usually look for the groms who are shredding.

On another note any potential sponsors out there wanting to sponsor the Lindsay Connolly Memorial SCDKSO 2019, let me know.

The main bodyboarding clothing brands you find me wearing are from the Inverted Bodyboarding & Unite Clothing in Australia & LidLife gear, I always try and get behind the companies that support bodyboarding.

I'm into any music with a good beat really and my favourite memory as a grom was scoring good waves with mates, going on surf trips & basically having fun.

It’s all about having fun, I have always enjoyed the relaxed laid back side of the sport.

These days you will find me around the Sunshine Coast, I always try to be in the water when the waves are cranking generally getting waves with my brother Lenny Llewellyn & sister previous World Women’s Bodyboard champion Kira Llewellyn.

When the waves are smaller I hit the beach with my wife Marnie & kids Logan, Mystie & Myla Llewellyn & teach them to bodyboard & enjoy seeing the stoke on their faces when they get a good wave.

I also still compete in local Sunshine Coast Bodyboard Club events & run the annual Sunshine Coast DropKnee ShootOut event.

Photo credits include:

Rory Frecklington

Rhiannon Hayward photography

Benny Jewel Photography

Lloyd, thanks for catching up with us, keep inspiring and doing what you love and guys if there are any companies out there wishing to help at the comp with either prizes, funding or advertising please hook Lloyd up, such a great cause and super passionate event....

Don't forget 3 awesome trips happening this summer that are a must on any Bodyboarders calendar.

First up 2 spots remain 8th -19th July All Body Board Charters to the Mentawais with Stevie Maher, Justin Fitzpatrick and myself as well as a super chilled crew ranging from the UK to South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Next up there's 1 spot left on the Adam "Wingnut" Smith trip July 22nd - Aug 2nd.

Wingo also has his super cool 2019 signature boards on sale for 450 Aussie dollar shaped by Todd Quigley.

The Sammy Morretino trip is fully booked now so sorry if anyone has been left disappointed, maybe next year.

Then final trip of the season sees an All bodyboard Adventure with our boy Hereberto Sanchez in Puerto Escondido, Mexico from Aug 8th to 13th.

Booking up fast, no better way to cruise in Mexico, no spot left unturned, local knowledge and food.

Either contact me or the boys to secure your spot.....

Also if you haven't already please go check out South African Brand "Lapa Side" Fully supporting the South African Bodyboarding scene, proudly South African made and available for world wide delivery click on the pic to go straight to their website.....

Next week we head over to the Canary Islands to catch up with Sara Marcelo Cazorla, thanks for reading, until then.......

Please click on the pics below for either website or contact details, join the family, give me a shout, support those who support you 🖤❤️

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