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Anne-cécile Lacoste

We haven't featured many French riders so far, but I am going to try and change that, France is home to some of the best waves on the planet.

Having been there myself and being blown away by the power of the beach breaks at La Gravièr and La Nord and getting the deepest makable pits, France is a must on anyones surf bucket list.

Having produced bodyboarding royalty Pierre Louis Costes , Amaury Lavernhe and Maxime Castillo as well as DK shredders like Mathis Preygoda, Xavier Andrieux and Nico Padois.

Not forgetting also the legend Nicolas Capdeville!

France is also up there with bodyboard branding and products with guys like Mathieu Desaphie who owns "Licious bodyboard shop" and created "Milk Bodyboards" as well as "Sen No Sen"

France is also home to OGM bodyboard shop in Capbreton.

Our next rider used to be a dominant feature on the contest scene and still likes to help promote female body boarding in France but prefers these days to teach rather than compete, please allow me to introduce you to Anne-cécile Lacoste.

" I am now 36 and I’m from France and still live there.

I travelled around the world and lived different times short and long in different countries but home is home and I’m happy to be here in France :)

I started bodyboarding when I was 7 years old, I used to go to the beach on sunny days with my parents who loved oceans and having beach days.

Me and my bro grew up in this beautiful place and played on our bodyboards on the waves from those days until right now.

I chose Bodyboarding because firstly nobody would teach me how to surf or take a wave.

I started just swimming into the waves and tried to catch some with my bro, when we understood we could surf the waves , we asked for the more simple and accessible support to do this!! It was a bodyboard in the supermarket, a wave rebel with rainbow colours!!!

A board that I will never forget and how I experienced the first sensations on it, it was amazing for me!!!

After, when I started college, there was a small bodyboarders crew, I was always observing these guys and their lifestyle attracted me and their love of the ocean. At that time, I decided definitely, that I would like to be part of a bodyboarding family :)

My heroes were all the NoFriends crew especially Spencer Skipper for his style and carving, Steve MacKenzie, after came Mitch Rawlins, the boss!!!! My female idols were the brazilians Daniela Freitas and Mariana Nogueira and Janique Hoarau from Reunion Island.

Paul roach in Dk!!! best style ever !!! I had all the walls of my bedroom covered with posters of them that I cut from inside the bodyboard air force magazine, surf session bodyboard magazine, riptide mag, wouaaa those were amazing times :) Not for my parents tho who said that I was destroying my bedroom! ahaha

My local break is La Salie, a beach break in the South west of France, in Gironde. It s part of kilometres and kilometres of beach of sand on the Atlantic Coast of France, It’s beautiful and full of quality sand banks.

My favourite break is la Salie, definitely the place where I caught the most perfect tubes and ramps, with the best company, my family and friends.

Right now I live in Capbreton near Hossegor and I found of course beautiful sand banks here too, as you know the famous name like La Gravière ;)

I have had the chance to surf lots of beautiful waves around the world like Salsa Brava in Costa Rica, La Tortue in Reunion Island, North Point in West Oz, Beliche in Portugal, perfect reef in Cook Islands but I always have my heart falling for my home La Salie, it s more than a wave, it’s about all :)

My first board was like I said before, a wave rebel spectrum 42” with Rainbow Slick it was way too big for me ahaha but so good!! After I started with Pride bodyboards.

I started to surf with my family crew, my brother and my cousins and after when I entered college there was this Crew of boys named “ les sales droles” it means “ Dirty kids;) “ ahaha what a name!!!

It s because back the in France surfing was not popular, not like it is right now and more for bodyboarding!!! We were a little bit too much for the eyes of people !!! ahha

After years of studying, I followed a course to be a surf and bodyboard surf teacher then I started my bodyboard and surf school Ocean Roots in my hometown Arcachon and surfed with my crew Ocean Roots and all my Children !!;) ahah

Yes I competed, I made the IBA tour (named APB right now) during 2 years between 2011-2012 and stayed in the top 10.

I participated on the European Tour of Bodyboarding (ETB) and won the event in France in La Salie, my home, in 2013, it was so wonderful.

I competed in the Isa Europeans and world championships around the years 2013 to 2015 and I was French national champ for 5 years.

My last year to compete was in 2015, I won the French national title, the ISA European title and the ISA World title!!! ufff an amazing and blessed year of competing!!

I participate sometimes in the national championship in France to support lady’s and our sport in France, I finished 2nd this year, I’m not so “old” ahah :)

I ‘m a surf and bodyboard teacher in France, in a beautiful organisation where children and adults can practice lots of different sports .

I’ m supported by OGM bodyboard shop in Capbreton and I am representing Science Bodyboards, Gyroll wetsuits and leash, and viper fins.

At this time in France, I surf a custom board made by Science bodyboards, it’s inspired by the shape Pocket Exclusive Mike Stewart board.

Its Core NRG for a big flexibility that I need because of my lack of strength in my arms ;) ahah

I use one stringer with Mesh a slick surlyn with 55/45 rails ideal for speed in hollow waves. The deck contour is that of a wisp board and all of this with Girly colours of course! aqua blue, pink and white!!! a Jewel!!!

I’m so thankful for all the people who help me to do my passion with all the best vibes and materials !!

Thanks to Gontrand from OGM Bodyboard Shop, and Mike Stewart for Science Bodyboard,Gyroll. You are Awesome.

Thanks a lot for the opportunity you have given to me to mention my sponsors in your interview if I was searching for a sponsor it would be great but I’m not, I am lucky and Happy to be with these guys:)

I try to buy bodyboard clothes but there is not lot of clothing for the women… I think nobody does any!!!

I understand because bodyboarding is a small market… but maybe one day some company could intend to touch the market of woman bodyboarding :)

I buy bikinis from my Venezuelan friends who are bodyboarders, they are awesome women passionate and generous, there is Camelo bikinis in Costa Rica from Carolina and Megwyn and BoltsurfWear in Puerto Escondido from Simone, I love those brands.

I’m Christian so I worship our God, listening to music and singing is always what I do before everything and more before surfing and it is an amazing time!!! I love it, these days, I’m listening to Steffany Gretzinger “Reckless love”, Hillsong “So Will I (100 billion X) and “into the deep” by Citipointe.

It makes me so alive and I feel joyful, I'm thankful for the privilege we have to surf and enjoy waves and the ocean !!

My favourite memory I think was the first time I entered into a barrel!

I was with my brother and a friend we had decided to go for a surf after school during winter. The weather was cold but it seemed that there was no wind, we got on our scooters and went to the beach ( 30 mins to drive)

When we arrived with no idea of what the waves were like, because at this time internet did not exist, we discovered a perfect glassy line up with barrels and nobody around for kilometres!!

When we arrived at the peak sunset had started, the colours were amazing, the ambiance was so peaceful and it filled me with joy, I can still feel it.

I decided to catch the first wave, and when I dropped in, I saw it was going to close out, but this time, I stayed inside the wave, I didn't jump off my board but I kept surfing it and opened my eyes…… pfffff a vision that I will never forget.

It was my first vision, the first time I felt the most beautiful thing in surfing.

I came back to the peak, screaming with tears and a smile on my face!!

Screaming to my bro and my friend “boys!!! I entered into the wave!!! it was so beautiful!! The colours were amazing, the sensations were blissful!! The sound was so intense, it was mystical!!! you have to do it!!”

They were totally surprised, excited and scared, but they did too!!! one after one, wave after wave, closing barrels after closings barrels, we were screaming like crazy!!! so happy so happy.

It is one of the best feelings of my bodyboarding life and most of all it was shared with one of the most important people in my life, my brother.

I’m a passionate person about the ocean, waves and bodyboarding, Life and LOVE. I love sharing, laughing and to always be near to nature and it's simplicity.

I don’t like just surfing, I like sharing this with other people from other places, countries, cultures and histories. I like to share my passion with children, people totally. Out of this bodyboarding world, I like their reaction when they just touch it or start to have the same feeling that we find into the water. It’s only joy, it’s only freedom and happiness.

It’s an escape from your usual life.

I love to teach people something different than what they are uses to and more than that show them a different way of life, for the people who know and already practice, it’s a grace for me to transmit my testimony of what bodyboarding gives me in my life and try to surf ;)

My life is surfing with the waves of life, I am where this wave is carrying me and I try to do my best for the people who are around me.

Thanks a lot for your interview, your passion and dedication for our sport and all the best for you and lidlifebodyboarding!!

A bientot !!!


Photo credits include...

Antoine Justes

Sylvain Labeyrie

Anne-cécile thank you for sharing your beautiful story I'm sure it's not just me that was mesmerised by your memories, all I could think about when reading your story was my first barrel, merci beaucoup.

Next week we head back to SA where we catch up with the first female South African rider we have featured, Tracy Delport.

Coming to the sport late in life but loving every minute of it, until then.......

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We are also really excited to announce that The Puerto Experience are rolling out there first All bodyboard trip to Mex Pipe, Puerto Escondido and surrounding breaks in Oaxaca from August 8th-13th 2019.

Either direct message us or the Puerto experience on insta of facebook for full details, best breaks, local knowledge and professional media package included by David Paez, sign up quick to avoid disappointment.

If you haven't been to Mexico yet it's a must and we can personally recommend that you don't go unless you book through The Puerto Experience.

A small day at Puerto 🤙🏻😎


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