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James Clayden

Following on from last weeks feature, we find ourselves back in the land of our current APB world champion, South Africa.

This particular town is on the Southern coast of the western cape and is internationally renowned for whale watching, situated between mountain and sea, it also boasts the production of top quality, world class wines.

Our next rider calls it his home and proudly so, please let me introduce you to James Clayden.

" I'm 16 and i'm from a small town in South Africa called Hermanus, it's a really nice town, my local break is Onrus and I'm still living here.

I started bodyboarding at the age of 12 and have been in the water every day since.

I always loved the Ocean from a very young age and when I saw Tristan Roberts doing so well in competitions and spending every day in the water and living a good life, I wanted to do the same one day.

I have always admired Tristan Roberts, Iain Campbell and Jared Houston's lifestyle and the way they bodyboard.

My local break is Onrus beach it's a really consistent beach break that provides left's and right's all year long and it's just outside Hermanus, where I life.

My favourite break in SA is a secret spot up the West Coast of and it looks like all the Mexican beach breaks when it's on.

I have never had the opportunity to go and travel to other countries to surf but I would really like to surf Mandurah Wedge in Australia.

My favourite board at the moment is a Rossi board at 41.5" with double stringer and no mesh.

I have a couple of local bodyboarders that I mission with but it's mainly just me and Tristan Roberts in the water at the local, all the other guys work and just mission on weekends.

I do compete and I'm currently 1st in the Western Province in the Junior division and 3rd In South Africa in the Junior division.

I have only surfed in one APB event in Port Alfred and there I got a 5th place in the Pro's division, but i'm practicing really hard to improve those results for next year.

I'm still in school but I definitely want to become a Pro bodyboarder in the near future.

I'm sponsored by Rossiboardco (bodyboard brand)and Lapa side (a clothing brand).

I'm using a Sniper Leash and Ally fins and a Reeflex wetsuit that I'm really loving.

I don't have buy bodyboard clothes because I'm sponsored by a clothing brand, Lapa Side.

Any old school rap songs gets me amped for a surf.

Going up the West Coast of SA with Iain Campbell and Tristan Roberts is definitely one surf trip I will never forget.

I'm still in school so my every day is wake up at 6 to get ready for school, go to school, then straight after, skate down to my local break and spend the rest of the day in the water or just chilling at the beach.

On weekends I try and mission to get the best possible waves I can, I usually go to a wave called Caves(Koeel bay), it's a right wedge and on it's day it can be the best wave around and then I just do everything all over.

Photo credits include:

Stephan De Lange

Waldo uys

Gary Ralph Clayden

James thanks for catching up with us, keep up the good work bro.

Next week we head back to Europe, in France where we catch up with Anne-cécile Lacoste.

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