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Sebastian Krefft Duk

So after an amazing  2018 with travel destinations including the Mentawais, Portugal twice, Cornwall consistently, Bournemouth 😎 and Bali we find ourselves in 2019 and couldn't be more excited....

Mike Stewart has confirmed that the APB will be running a pipe comp for the next 3 years and what better venue to showcase the worlds top talent, after the disappointment of Pipes omission from the 2018 APB circuit calendar there will be a lot of riders chomping at the bit to get back there.

What's super exciting is that Hawaii has some incredible talent who may not have had the capacity to travel to compete, so we could see some upsets if any of them make it through the trials... 

With a nice little shut down over the festive period to re-group, re-charge rest and get waves we have some incredibly talented and enthusiastic riders to showcase in 2019, the feedback has been great and really means a lot and I hope the support just continues to grow.....

To kick off our 2019 run of features we need to head over to New York, still very much underground but world class beach breaks are available on there day and a die hard crew dominating the scene...

"Hey fellas !!! 

This is Sebastian Krefft Duk,  I am 40 years old and I was born and raised in Chile but I have lived in NYC since 2017.

I started body boarding 25 years ago in las Machas beach in Arica city, Chile in the most northern part of the country. 

I got a board from my mom because her and my dad loved to go to the beach, one day she bought 3 plastic bodyboard's,  the ones that you can brake very easily but with this little tus we started to ride smalls waves and everything we could paddle into.

All my life I was supported by my family to do that so , here I am. 

Mike Stewart is my hero.

My local break is called Nuluhaga point and it is in Antofagasta city, the city that I lived in Chile and here on the east coast of the states where I am now,  my favourite waves are Jenkinson and Nickerson.

My favourite beach in my country is my local wave Nuluhaga and if you were to ask me where my favourite wave in the world is, I would have to say Teahupoo , so far. 

My first board was a piece of plastic shit called THAI that was not really a board hahaha, it was more like a sand board  ha ha.

My crew always has been my friends, Tyron Perez, Susan Devicencio, John Mangini, Jeremy Mengel and a few more.

I followed the IBA TOUR AND APB TOUR for many years, I got some good results during the years between 2014 and 2017 .

Making ranking of 21st, 43rd and 51th position on the world tour during that time, but I do not compete anymore. 

I am a chef and I work on my own projects but also I’m a pro bodyboarder and I ride for Custom X.

I have my own model called krefft and Nuluhaga, 41.75 crescent and bat tail.

I also wear custom x fins and also I have other sponsors,  Mofrenz (clothing) and no surf (bathing suit).

I will always support custom X.

I love reggae , electronic, punk, rock , everything good hahahah. 

My favourite memory so far was travelling to Tahiti with my mom.

I have lived all my life close to the ocean and I grew up with my grand parents, they encouraged me to surf everyday and help me with the necessities to travel,  like a car and money.

I have a really surfer like life considering I live in the city, I travel to the coast every swell and chase the hurricanes and perfect waves. 

I love to take photos too and am passionate with all I do in life......

LidLife thanks for catching up with me and sharing my story ....

Photo credits include:

Ignacio Dimitstein

JBS Pictures

Florian Rey

Next week we head over to Lima, Peru to catch up with 22 year old Carolina Botteri Moebius.

Please come give our Facebook and Insta page a like and a share and help these features reach a wider audience.......

We would like to introduce the newest member to the LidLife Family, a brand born out of passion, living the lifestyle and feeding back in to the community, based on the East coast of Bali, Born Bali  can be contacted through Insta or Facebook or give them a call on +6285935049741 go check them out for some super cool clothing....

Don't forget there is only a few spots left on any of the 3 mentawai boat tours Stevie Maher is running on his ALL BODYBOARD CHARTERS MENTAWAI TELOS-NIAS 2019 season , if you fancy hanging out with the legend Adam "Wingnut" Smith or if you fancy a DK schooling by current APB world tour DK champion Sammy Morretino then please get in touch with the boys on Facebook to secure your spot, food, booze and professional photography on board the ASIA skippered by the legend Dave Crouch.....

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