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Dean Page

With so much bodyboarding talent in the uk up and down all our coasts from Cornwall, to Bournemouth, Ireland and Wales, our contest scene isn't such that we could showcase this talent more.

I'd say sponsorship is at an all time low in the uk and most of our guys are just out there for the sheer love and passion, we don't really have the club scene or regional teams as dominant like in Australia and South Africa but we do have a core of really committed, excellent underground spongers.

I would like to give a shout out to Guy Sowry at the Bodyboard depot supporting the British scene who's online store is over at

Benjamin Howard over at Section Bodyboarding getting behind our underground talent as well as Chris Levi producing the Biskit Diaries, Jon at The Pit Surf shop, St Merryn, Bodyboard HQ, Rob Barber with his Bodyboard holidays and coaching weekends and guys like phill Underwood who's always charging and representing, Dave Hardiman water photog and sponger and Al Lawson over at Atlas distribution for continually encouraging brands to support the uk scene.

Our next rider is one of our Welsh chargers who's drop knee style and ability would challenge the best in the world, please let me introduce you to Dean page.......

I am 31 and am from Wales uk , a small coastal town called Llantwit Major .

I started bodyboarding when I was approximately 10 years old.

I got into Bodyboarding because there was a-bit of a craze in school in the mid nineties at the time, my brother and his mates used to go so I kind of wanted to tag along and go too.. I remember having to share his BZ slick flyer..and hitting our local beaches..

Hmm I used to look up to a few local riders , Pete Northrop ,Chris Davies because they were the guys that got me into dropknee.. and roach! From then on it was roach, aka , kainoa, raffi, wall. Nowadays it’s dub.

My local break is still in South Wales where I live.. on its day it’s one of my favourite breaks for sure!

My favourite break in the UK has got to be a certain wedge here which I wouldn’t want to give away.. beautiful coastline and perfect wedges .. Bodyboard heaven!

In the world, well on its day I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else other than the wedge in wales, but there’s a few nice breaks in Portugal! Carcavelos for one! Hossegor too!

My first board was a Manta Wingnut, followed closely by a manta roach elite I had for Xmas..

My crew used to be Me , Christ, Pete, James, Beetle, Lou, Ben , ollie.

Nowadays.. Me , Ollie, Beetle, Rich, Mike, Allan , Remi.

I have done a few contests but I really don’t enjoy them ha, a lot of the time here in the UK you’ve got to be lucky to match that date with good conditions.. I’d like to have a go at the world tour sintra contest in Portugal next year.. it would just be cool to hang out with all the dropknee shredders!


1st dropknee British championships 2011

1st Welsh dropknee jam 2012

I’m a carpenter by trade but build tv and film sets which is pretty cool ..

I would like to shout out my sponsors, The merry pit , St Merryn, thanks Jon legend of a bloke.

Xcel Europe. Legend boys!

I am currently riding a Hubboards Dubb iss 42 full crescent.

I have also been using an embryo custom dropknee DP model 42.25 which is a bit of a weapon!

I wore an Xcel Comp x 3/2 mm wetsuit on my last surf! Perfect for Bodyboarding doesn’t have the rubber chest that turns your board black .

I am using Dub zeros flippers at the moment and I always fall back on my trusty manta sharp cuts that I find work amazing on your back foot for dk..

I am wearing a Hubboards bicep leash.

I really like unite clothing, they have cool styles and follow a good music scene too!

It used to be all metal when I was younger , but anything now from Bodyboard flicks gets me in a good frame of mind! Thrice, alkaline tro ..

My favourite memories growing up are probably just turning up early morning on a sunny day, with a few mates at our favourite reef / slab break down the road and surfing for hours on end.. and just chilling at the beach all day.

Photo credits...

Ollie powell

Paul Gill

Nathan Woods

Survival Stance

Dean thanks for sharing a bit about yourself, it would be super cool to see you compete for the DK title at Sintra, if that is how the APB are planning it, as a one gig event next year, or will they decide to chuck in more than one event, anyone have an opinion on this?

A few riders I would like to see go for the world DK title would have to include Gary Thatcher, Justin "the wizard" Moikeha Asar and Stevie Maher.

We won't return now with our next rider until after a well earned break in Bali for Christmas, this will be on 05/01/2019 with New York based Chilean, Sebastian Krefft Duk so until then have a great Christmas and may 2019 be positive for all 🖤❤️🤙🏻

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