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Liam Lucas

Guys I hope you enjoyed last weeks interview with the inspirational France Hazar, this week we catch up with another inspirational bodyboarder so driven he must be destined for big things....

At such a young age as well it would be great to see him a permanent fixture in the top 32 of the APB world tour....

Please can I introduce to you, Liam Lucas.

I am 18 and I was born in 2000, I am from Tamarama a small suburb in Sydney Australia.

I still live there at the moment but when I finish school I’m looking to move down to the south coast to study at Uni and get some higher quality waves.

I started bodyboarding when I was 12 years old so back in 2012.

I got into bodyboarding because I used to watch my brother at the beach when I was really young and everyone would talk about how good he was, I wanted to show him up by getting into bodyboarding and becoming better than him.

When I started my brother pushed me to become better and better and has shaped how I have become today.

It was great surfing my local beaches improving my bodyboarding and eventually taking over my brother as some would say haha!

My childhood heroes were Alex Bunting and Jose Marquina, as they were the pros that stood out in my area and showcased bodyboarding for what it really is as well as Max Muddle who was the best up and coming teen at the time.

My local break is Tamarama beach located in the Eastern suburbs as well as a secret bombie.

My favourite break is Aussie pipe located on the south coast.

I haven’t really surfed overseas yet, but from videos my favourite spot overseas would have to be out of Skeleton Bay and Banzai Pipeline.

My first ever board was an NMD Ben Player PP size 38.

The eastern suburbs crew includes myself, Hunter Smith, Liam Flanagan, Liam Newman, Noah Gilroy, Seamus Flynn and Olly Haupt.

I compete regularly on the ABA tour in which I have won the Pro junior tour in 2017/18 as well as coming 2nd overall in Pro mens in 2017.

I gave the APB event in Australia a crack and came runner up in the pro juniors.

I don’t have a job at the moment due to school commitments and going on the ABA tour.

I would like to give a shout out to my sponsors Science Bodyboards, Gyroll Wetsuits/Accessories, Viper Surfing Fins and Inverted Bodyboard Shop.

I ride a 41.25 Science Pro Vspec model, I wear a Gyroll Shield 3/2 steamer.

I wear the 2nd Generation Viper Delta Fins and I use a Gyroll bicep leash

I don’t really buy bodyboard clothing just keep it simple with plain clothes but I do wear the science, gyroll, viper and inverted clothing.

I’m really into the band "Fuzz" at the moment, it gets me pretty keen to go surf good waves.

My favourite memory of bodyboarding when I was growing up was when I won my first state title, got sponsored by science, gyroll and viper as well as winning the Mystics pro on my birthday all on the same weekend, it was a pretty jam packed weekend and an exciting birthday.

Check out my Instagram: @liamlucas42

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Peter Noone





Liam, thank you so much for sharing your story, You have a super exciting future ahead of you and it would be really cool to catch up with you again to see how your career is progressing....

Next week we head over to Puerto Rico, a country that I am desperate to visit and we catch up with Noelia Hernandez.

Noelia, I will definitely take you up on the offer when I finally maker it there and you can show me all the amazing spots your beautiful country has to offer..... Until then 🤙🏻

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