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Millie Chalker

Heading back to Australia from South Africa it has to be said that Australia now seems to be producing and pushing boundaries as far as women's Bodyboarding is concerned.

With Lilly pollard being invited to compete with the guys at the Shark Island challenge and rightly so, can I please introduce another young prodigy of the next generation...

Millie Chalker

" I am 16 and I live in Forster Tuncurry, just minutes from the beach and have lived here by the beach my whole life.

I started bodyboarding at the age of about 12 and began competing in local club competitions at the age of 14.

My dad Shane was once a competitive bodyboarder, seeing him out in the water shredding from a young age inspired me to get on a bodyboard.

Without dad pushing me and being with me every step of the way I wouldn’t have achieved or improved as much as I have.

My local break is Tuncurry beach, a peaky beach break.

My favourite break in Australia would have to be either my local Tuncurry beach, Kiama surf beach wedge or Duranbah.

My Favourite break in the world would have to be pipeline in Hawaii, just for the beauty of the surrounding area plus the amazing waves surfed there by legends like Mike Stewart, although I have never been there, it is a definite future destination for me.

The first boards I used were my dad’s old ones, many from Rheopaipo as they sponsored him, the first board I ever got given to me that was my size was an old QCD board off Sam Gillett, which later led to my sponsorship with them.

My crew locally is normally just me and dad, but sometimes we are joined by fellow Forster Bodyboard club shredders.

I am currently still at school in year 10, I have 2 part time jobs and a lot of my spare time is spent bodyboarding.

I am currently sponsored by QCD bodyboards, Reeflex Wetsuits, Limited edition fins and Sunzapper.

I am currently riding a 40.5” QCD custom board, which is definitely the best board ive ever ridden! At the moment it is still cold where I live so I’m still wearing my reeflex steamers, my favourite would have to be the current range, the Indianna 3/2 steamer.

I use the standard limited edition purple and black fins, and a QCD bicep leash.

I also never go in the water without my Sunzapper clear 50+ clear zinc or skin tone zinc!!

I don’t generally listen to music before surfing, sometimes pre heat at a big competition I will listen to anything that is upbeat!

The past 2 years I have done every single competition that I could get myself to, last year, getting a 3rd in the NSW state titles, and a 3rd in the Australian titles.

This year the ABA (Australian bodyboarding association) had 2 womens events put back onto the aussie pro tour, I decided to give them a go, getting a 3rd at Dbah and 5th at the Northern beaches was enough to place me 2nd on the tour.

I am onto my 3rd year of competing, but only my 2nd year of serious competing. This year I was ranked 2nd overall on the aba tour, behind my coach and friend Lilly Pollard.

I also competed in the APB kiama bodyboard Slam, against my idols and favourite riders, I came away with an equal 9th which was so sick!!

I also qualified for the Australian national titles for the open women division, I was so stoked to have just qualified for this event, I ended up winning the final and being crowned Australian champion at the age of 16, this was about a month ago and it is still sinking in, it was easily the best day of my life.

This was definitely the highlight for me this year competing wise taking out the Surfing Australia Nationals.

All Photo credits:

Shane Chalker Photography

Millie thank you for taking time out to talk with us, it's great what you have achieved so far and look forward to following your career.

We are taking a week out next week as weds we fly into Lisbon to hit Nazare for the morning of the 11 th.

The surf is looking promising and I personally could not be more excited.

Portugal has the best waves and if you haven't been yet it is a must, the standard of bodyboarding is super high and the reefs and beaches will test you both physically and mentally, we return on the 20/10/18 where we catch up with Patrick Orr.

Who is going to crowned the APB 2018 world champion?

We already have the 2018 DK world champion and for your chance to surf the Mentawais with Sammy Morretino get on board the 2019 Stevie Maher "All Bodyboard charters"

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July 22nd-Aug 2nd 2019 join Adam "Wingnut" Smith for the Skid Kid Mentawai tour...

Then Aug 19th- 30th the Sammy morretino super tour, challenge yourself against the best DK rider in the world...

PM Stevie for booking details

Until then download the APB app and Stact app and get ready for the APB 2018 Nazare pro.......

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Van Life Productions

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