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Patrick Franklyn

Fresh off the back of the catch up with Sophie Leathers, Riptides very own youth editor,  Australia just can't stop pumping out the super groms.

It must be something you guys are putting in your water but whatever it is don't stop, it gives me great pleasure of introducing to you guys,  Patrick Franklyn. 

"I’m 15 years old and I live in Perth Western Australia.

I started bodyboarding at age 11 -  I had always been around the beach and when my cousins started bodyboarding I simply tagged along.

I guess Hardy would have to be the person I look up to surfing wise, he’s such an awesome bloke, when your surfing with him you just get so amped.

In Perth the waves are pretty inconsistent, but my go to spot in summer would have to be City Beach (Citz). My favourite break at the moment is probably Box, Margaret River.

My first board was an ancient Manta, my cousin gave it to me, it had a white deck and green slick, he stencilled 2 black speed lines on the bottom, which I thought made it even cooler.

I mainly surf solo, but pretty much all the time there’s a few of the Perth boys out if I’m surfing local.

I head down south a fair bit and when I’m down south I surf with Max McGregor and his dad, Chad a lot, which is epic.

I’ve been competing since I was 11 years old.  My first comp was a free entry surf festival in Scarborough. I entered with my good mate Paddy in the Groms divison. We both made it to the final -  I managed to scrape a win and Paddy got 2nd – we were both pretty pumped on the result.  

I started competing in the States the next year and have been competing ever since. The last 3  years I have managed to get State champ for my divisions and I have been runner up National champ the last 2 years,  so fingers crossed I can get the win soon.

I got awarded a wildcard into the ABA junior pro West Oz stop this year and managed a semi-final finish.

I’m currently in year 9 at school and I ride for Science, Viper and Gyroll.

I’m riding the Launch model, size 41.5, I wear a Gyroll wetty 3/2 m, Viper fins and a Gyroll Leash.  

I’d like to give a shout out to Johnny Cruickshank, the Australian Science distributor,  for the support and sweet hook ups!!

My cousin started a clothing brand called Neptunes Nephew, it’s pretty dope so I guess I wear his stuff a bit, apart from that, I just wear whatever.

Pre surf beats - 50 cent is the man for the job.  My day to day life consists of a lot of sport with school 5 days a week.

At the moment I play footy, I have been boxing for around 2 years and try to box at least a couple of times a week,  and boog whenever there’s swell on offer. I have made heap of mates all over Oz and scored so many sick sessions, all thanks to bodyboarding. It’s easily my favourite thing in the world.    

Photo credits include:

Kim Feast

Kyle Jodrell

Will Creed

Patrick we hope hope to see you as a permanent fixture on the ABA tour soon,  good luck bro.. yewwww....

Next week we stay in Australia but we catch up with female Chilean Cata Pilar Sota, who is currently living on the Gold Coast.

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone for all your support, both for reading the features we publish and for all the positive feedback received, including the Mentawai trip travel blog, which was just sharing a little slice of a soon to be OAP's froth rekindled tanks to the VBC crew, you boys have reignited the passion for the Lid and long may we all ride this train. 

I hope "Boat bound in the Mentawais" gave you an insight in to what can be expected if you choose the adventure.

Booking is now open for Stevie Maher's All Bodyboard Mentawai charters 2019, with one trip already fully booked, contact Stevie to avoid dissapointment.

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