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Saffa ripper Storm Prestwich

This week sees us head to cape town where we catch up with saffa ripper Storm Prestwich.

At only 24 Storm has achieved more than most and we have the great pleasure of sharing his story below.....

"I am originally from Scottburgh where I grew up, but right now I can call Cape Town home.

I started bodyboarding at the age of 13, originally I first started surfing, snapped two boards in about a week, so I got given a bodyboard and from that moment on I was hooked.

As a youngster Jeff and Dave Hubbard, Spencer Skipper, Derek Footit, & the whole ‘No Friends’ crew were my heroes.

My local break growing up was Scottburgh main beach. My favourite break back home thou is Scottburgh’s very infamous ‘secret spot’

In the world though my favourite break is Pipeline, Hawaii by far.

My first ever board was an Aquafin.

My crew consists of Locally, my brother, Slade, Fijac, & Dingo who were all standups, and my close bodyboarding friends and team mates Terrence, Dune, Rory, Bradley, Keegan, Dane, and Cody (sorry for the rest of the fellas I left out)

I did compete, at one stage quite seriously winning all junior and pro titles in South Africa, I was chosen to represent South Africa twice at the ISA World Games, and my personal favorite..winning both the Pro and Junior Titles in the SA Bodyboarding champs back in 2011.

Currently I compete when I can, juggling work and bodyboarding as best I can, but in the near future I plan to bodyboard full time.

Currently I’m in the super yachting industry, traveling around the world but yes thanks to some solid and faithful sponsors I am still sponsored by Hubboards and Island Style South Africa.

Here is probably a good time to personally thank Jeff and Dave Hubbard for everything they do for me, all the world class gear and unforgettable memories.

They are my true heroes! Right now I’m kitted out with a 41’ Hubb, Air Hubb wetsuit, Air Hubb fins and my signature Island Style leash.

My favourite is Hubbaords, but if I wasn’t sponsored I would still buy bodyboarding gear to support the industry.

I love listening to Led Zeppelin get me going pre surf and I'd have to say my favourite memories growing up would have to be just being a grom on the beach all day with all my friends surfing and getting up to mischief.

My story is pretty wild at this stage of my life. My work takes me all around the world, allowing me to surf in some pretty unique places.

Bodyboarding is always my first priority when it comes to planning and decision making. At the moment I’m just living my life to the fullest and embracing all that life has to offer.

Thank you Lidlife Bodyboarding for the interview and cheers to all the legends who took the time to read.

Yours truly

Storm Prestwich.

Photo Credits:

William Vw


Angie Pote

Alister Jones

Dane Klusner

Chiara Ferrari

Storm thanks for taking part what a great insight into your life and the amazing waves you guys have in South Africa, if you are ever in the uk please look us up we will take you on tour.....

We have our Mentawais trip over the next two weeks so please hang in there and don't get too withdrawn there won't be any internet so it's good bye to London Town and hello to a wave drenched paradise.

We return on 28/07/18 when we feature young female Aussie ripper Sophie leathers and we couldn't be more excited.

Sophie features up and coming riders over at Riptide working closely with the main man Dave Heavyside who deserves a big mention for taking Body boarding to a wider audience.

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