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Sharon Rosada Rojas

Hi my name is Sharon Rosada Rojas, I am 21 years old, I live in Costa Rica, in the province of Puntarenas and I have lived here all my life.

I started bodyboarding when when I was 16 years old.

I always liked the sea, nature, and my dad before dying practiced Body boarding and that's why I started doing body boarding, my brother started first and he then motivated me to do it. 

My mom was my biggest hero growing up 

My local beach and my favorite point is called the hole. (HOYO) 

In Costa Rica I have many favourite places Playa hermosa,  jaco,  el hoyo,  roca bruja,  escondida, bejuco, marbella,  avellanas, junquillal,  salsa brava,  cocles. 

If I had to pick my favourite breaks in the world they would include,  Steamer lane Santa Cruz CA,

North shore hawaii USA

Pipeline Oahu Hawaii USA

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Mexico. 

My first board was one that was given to me, it was not branded and it was like sandpaper haha ​​It destroyed my stomach. 

I didn't really have a crew when I started it was only me. 

My first competition was only recently because I had a son who is now 3 years old, I gave up for a while when I became a mum  but I have been back in the sea now body boarding again more than a year and now I compete but I do not do it to see who is better no no. I do it because I like it, for fun, because I love the sea. 

I work in grooming as a canine hairdresser and in the marina, cleaning a yacht.

Now at the moment I only have one sponsor. 

I have a Guilherme Tamega pink board.

Here in Costa Rica not many wetsuits are  used, I do not have one because they are very expensive here and I do not have money to buy a wetsuit.  When the winds come, it is very cold.

I use Viper fins and the leash is Dakine. 

My sponsor is called Mr Skim they make skimboards they have  given me lycra, the leash and they will help me pay the tournaments. I only have them at the moment they are a small family and they help me and I give them publicity and I really appreciate the support.

At least for now I have no preference on boards or equipment since I have not used many brands and with what little I have used I feel satisfied, of course I would love a sponsor to give me board and flippers, leashes etc ... and hopefully with time and more competitions I would like to achieve that. Music before surf? Haha the music roots,  and electronic music. 

In a place that is called ESCONDIDA I have had my favourite memories.

I have never had the opportunity to leave the country, it is one of my dreams to know new points to surf and meet new people, culture.

My day to day is to be with my son, to work when there is, and to surf whenever I can.

My story is very difficult, when I was 5 years old my parents separated, they had a lot of problems, my mom after a year she married her ex-husband, they still had many problems I did not have a very good childhood, my dad was killed when I was 12 years old it was very difficult for me and my brothers.

I got pregnant when I was 16 and that's how I left my mother's house, and now I'm a single mother, fighting for my son.

It has been very difficult to raise my son, because he had complications in his development, he was late in the language and in the children's hospital they are analyzing him to see if he has mild autism, for me it is very difficult, but nothing is impossible for God.

I have many goals, I want to finish high school, work, and travel to know the world with my son. 

I am very passionate about bodyboarding and this has been a great release for me and one day it would be great if I was fully sponsored, so I aim for this.

My father inspires me to do bodyboarding..... and I do bodyboarding because I'm born from the heart, I carry it in my blood..  

Thank you LidLife for chatting to me and for telling my story...

Photo credits include:

Esteban Gonzalez

Yuliana Campos

Sharon we wish you all the luck in the world and look forward to seeing you compete next year.

Next week we head over to the Canary Islands to catch up with Kevin Orihuela Ruano.

Good luck to all the guys competing over at the Antofagasta Bodyboard festival yewwwww.....

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