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Pat Caldwell still going strong.....

I'm so excited that Pat agreed to take part in what has become a real pleasure, the LidLife Bodyboarding weekly feature blog.

I still remember the day my dad took me into Ron Jon surf shop in Cocoa Beach, Florida for my 10th birthday.

Having seen my first magazine, it was actually a Mike Stewart cover shot on BodyBoarding magazine and I was like dad I have to bodyboard....

I walked in sooo excited and ran to the bodyboard section and there it was, a wave rebel Pat Caldwell signature model, white and blue deck with yellow rails and a red slick, I was the happiest kid going.

The guy even chucked in a wave rebel t-shirt and some webbed gloves, I don't think my dad could have made me any happier and I still have the board on my office wall.

In Mr Caldwell's own words.......

I'm now 55 and I was raised in Hawaii, Oahu. I spent 25 years in California but I'm back in Hawaii and I still live there now.

I started surfing in 1970 but got into bodyboarding in 1974.

Bodyboarding was fun that's why I loved it, I had the best beaches for bodysurfing and bodyboarding in my back yard growing up.

My heroes growing up were my Dad, Jack Lindholm and Gerry Lopez.

I was very fortunate that my local spot was Sandy Beach, Oahu.

My favourite spot in Hawaii was and still is Pipeline and I guess if you asked me my favourite spot in the world would be anywhere in Tahiti.

Just like Ben Severson my first board was a Morey Boogie kit board.

In the early days our crew was Peter Dolan, James Jonsson and me then later it was Ben Severson and Keith Sasaki as well.

I used to compete but not anymore. Most recently I was the Masters Tour Champion IBA Hawaii Tour 2015 and I had numerous other results between 1978 and 1996.

These days I am an investigator for the Honolulu Police Commission and head judge for the Hawaii pro tour.

I love O'neill wetsuits and my Kpaloa Aquino’s flippers, combined with my BSD leash.

I love to listen to Cello and my fondest memories of bodyboarding are an empty line up at Pipeline.

​Vintage Bodyboard Collectors Facebook page was the new start for everything vintage in our sport.

Last year, Jacob Vandervelde asked if I wanted to re-create the Pat Caldwell model from the late 80's. I said yes and Custom X took on the project. The materials, stringers, cores, handgrips are all new additions to the vintage look of the old board. This board is high performance at a good price. The feel of this board is so comfortable and fast. The boards have more volume of foam in them, they really get up and go quickly. No bogging, and super responsive.

We have a Facebook page Pat Caldwell new model feel free to come check it out....

I came home to Hawaii six years ago, retiring early from a great job in law enforcement in California.

I took a chance to get back to my roots and enjoy the ocean bodyboarding before I get too old, best move ever. I have reconnected with Ben and Keith and everyone else involved in the early years of bodyboarding.

I am getting barreled off my ass whilst pushing the age limits of performance. I haven't done this without set backs though, as I have proceeded to break my ankle, 5 ribs and a collar bone in the process. My latest injury being January 4, of this year when I slammed the bottom at Sandy's shorebreak. Physical therapy is going well and I am healing up quickly, I expect to be back riding a bodyboard in early April.

Cheers to all and never let your age or physical ability keep you from bodyboarding. This sport can be extreme but doesn't have to be, to be fun. Enjoy, and remember, a tame life is a lame life. No regrets.

Aloha, Pat Caldwell

Photo credits:

Jordan Stallard

Mark Lewis

Chris Stroh

Russell Hoover


Conrad Morgan

Arron Loyd


JJ Caldwell

Tom Boyle

Family friend

Pat once again thank you for featuring, you shaped a generation and now your helping re shape the vintage bodyboard revolution, respect.......

Next week we head over to Chile to catch up with Paloma Freyggang, until then ........ Come give us a follow on Insta and Facebook, LidLife Bodyboarding.

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